à la prochaine

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I’m finally posting the last of the Paris photos! Like I mentioned, we spent most of our time sitting around and drinking, so if you were hoping for more photos of the Eiffel Tower (what?), you’ll be disappointed. Outside the Opéra Metro station. Toured the Opera Garnier last time I […]

executive first

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I still have a bunch of Paris photos to post, but I thought I’d take a break and post about one of my favourite things — airplanes upgrades! I’m happy to be in any class on an airplane (it means that I am on an airplane), but Executive First pods […]

les catacombes

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Most of our time in Paris was spent sitting in cafes and drinking, but the one touristy thing we did was visit the Paris Catacombs. It was Mike’s idea — going deep underground to look at six million dead people in what is essentially a mass grave wouldn’t ever be […]

paris va bien

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Finally, I have a chance to post some Paris photos. But first, the hotel story! We arrived in Paris at Gare de l’Est and the hotel we had booked was just a short walk from the station. 9Hotel seemed like a cute hotel, modern in the way I like my […]

trains to paris

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This entry is probably longer than it needs to be, considering it’s only about the five-hour train ride from Zurich to Paris. I’m kind of an airplane/train nerd, so if photos of my train ride aren’t your thing, just ignore this entry. (BUT TRAINS ARE COOL! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?) […]

au revoir

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Heading home from Paris today. I’ve had a great time — lots of sunshine and wine and shopping and French food. I’m pretty happy to have a ticket home in Executive Class on Air Canada because it means pods!

an englishman eats american food in paris

April 5th, 2011 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

I don’t usually do restaurant reviews, but one of my favourite people asked about doing a restaurant review as a guest post. He lives in Cambridge, England, but was in Paris recently. Here is his review of Katz’s Diner. It’s funny (to me) because he’s a non-American eating American food […]

why not?

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I’m going to Paris and Zurich in a couple weeks — I’ve been to Paris before (hence the photos) but not to Zurich. Zurich was pretty much an entirely random choice. It was on sale when I was looking at tickets, so I figured why not Zurich? We’re then taking […]