mini rtw 2011


heavy rotation

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Before I continue onward with tales about Seoul, here’s the last of my random Tokyo photos. They’re basically a bunch of photos that didn’t warrant their own entries or fit anywhere else. If you know me at all, you know that I have a soft spot for Japan’s over-the-top J-pop […]

narita forever: part two

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 Here’s the conclusion to the two days I spent in Narita. (Part one is here!) After spending the night in a Narita airport hotel, we headed back to the airport, in hope of actually getting on a flight to Seoul. UNITED! Y U DELAY MY FLIGHT SO LONG? Back at […]

narita forever: part one

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Oh, Narita Airport. I love airports, and NRT is one of my favourites. But I never planned on spending 12+ hours there over two days. Our NRT-ICN United flight was delayed, more delayed, cancelled, rescheduled to the next day, delayed again, and then we finally ended up on another flight […]

visiting the emperor

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Pretending to be a loyal Japanese person, I went to see the Emperor for his annual New Year’s greeting. It’s one of only two times during the year when the public is allowed into the inner grounds of the Imperial Palace. (The other is the Emperor’s birthday.) We went for […]


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Because we’re insane, we decided to go to Meiji Shrine for hatsumode at midnight on New Year’s Eve. We were at NHK Hall to watch the end of Kohaku anyway, so it was a pretty short walk to Meiji Shrine. Hatsumode is the first shrine visit of the year so […]

kohaku protest

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As I mentioned in this post, I was super excited to be in Japan to watch Kohaku, the annual Japanese New Year’s Eve entertainment spectacular, in real time on tv. I also decided to go down to NHK Hall, where Kohaku is held, since it was pretty close to my hotel […]

tokyo food

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After my last post, I decided to just do an entry about food in Tokyo. Mmmm. Eating in Tokyo is probably the greatest thing ever. Even though we were there over New Year’s and a lot of stuff was closed, it was still amazing. I ate a lot of konbini […]

welcome to tokyo, again

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I’m finally over my pretty epic jetlag (going around the entire world will do that to you, I guess), so I’m making an attempt at some updates and maybe posting some of the gazillions of photos I took. So, Tokyo. What can I say about Tokyo? It’s my favourite city […]

video time!

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I’m working on entries about my amazing trip but in the meantime, here’s my little video about Tokyo. You can also see videos for Seoul and Hong Kong on my Vimeo page. Also! Mike wrote this cool entry about using Google Latitude to track our trip. It’s pretty neat — […]