mini rtw 2011



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YES! Finally. It only took me a month, but this is the LAST of the mini RTW posts! I will do a summary post at some point (including what the whole trip cost) but for now, here’s the last flight of the trip, FRA-YYZ. I think we were a little […]

lost in frankfurt

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The timing of this post is kind of funny, because¬†ground staff is on strike at Frankfurt Airport today. We had several hours to waste at FRA. After we checked into the Sheraton (conveniently located in the airport!), we wandered around for a bit. It’s a strange feeling to be in […]


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The HKG-FRA leg of the trip was one of the longest flights of the trip — almost as long as YYZ-NRT. I’m a fan of biz class shell-type seats for long flights. I think I actually like them better than the Air Canada pod-type seats — at least when travelling […]


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One of the things we did in Hong Kong was visit Macau. Macau is technically another country, and was a Portuguese colony until 1999. Macau is like Hong Kong — it’s part of China, but retains a lot of autonomy as a special administrative region. There are a bunch of […]

tea and fish balls

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Our friend Kelvin, who works in publishing and lives in Toronto, happened to be in Hong Kong at the same time as us. Well, you know what I was thinking. FREE TOUR GUIDE! At first, I felt bad about taking advantage of Kelvin’s flawless Cantonese skills, but then he accidentally […]

pursuit of happiness

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After a short cab ride from our hotel in Aberdeen, our day in Hong Kong started with a walk around Central. Central is sort of the main business area of Hong Kong, but it’s a pretty big area. Down some side streets was this market. Cute cat! Cats are lucky, […]


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Another flight post! This one is Thai Airways ICN-HKG. Really, this trip was as much about the journey as the destinations. Trying new airlines and visiting new airports. I know most people hate flying, but I am (obviously!) not in that group. I love flying. I love airports. (But I […]


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Because of our flight delay, our time in Seoul was really short. Less than a day and a half. So instead of of doing anything interesting or cultural, I did what I do best — ate food and went shopping. Our hotel was in Myeongdong, one of the major shopping […]

seoul food

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This is maybe my most useless post yet: a post where I eat a lot of food that I don’t know the name of, at restaurants that I can’t remember. But! It was really fun in real life. Due to our adventures at Narita Airport, we arrived in Seoul a […]