the forbidden city

November 26th, 2011 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

The Forbidden City was the home of the Emperor for almost 500 years. 500 years. This place is old. Living in Canada, it’s always amazing to visit countries with such a rich history, and China is probably the richest of the rich in terms of history. Everything is so old. […]

the orchid

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We stayed in a great hotel in Beijing that I would definitely recommend. The Orchid is a little different than the hotels we usually stay in, but in a good way. The hotel only has ten rooms and the owner, Joel, is super helpful if you need restaurant suggestions or […]

serve the people

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I’m going to chalk this up to the WEIRDEST COINCIDENCE EVER, but it is really weird. Remember that video I made of Beijing? The song that I used for it is Serve the People by the Handsome Furs. It was almost an arbitrary choice — I’d been listening to the […]


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So the day after we toured the Boeing factory in Washington, we were off to Beijing, via San Francisco. Our SEA-SFO flight was at some ungodly why-did-I-book-this time like 5am, so we were up early. Way too early. No one should be awake at 3am, unless they haven’t gone to […]