chinese visa, part two

September 29th, 2011 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

Went to the Chinese Consulate in Toronto yesterday and submitted my visa application. It was surprisingly busy, but the (long) lineup moved fairly quickly. I handed over my application and passport and was told to come back next week.

(Being sans passport is kind of scary. WHAT I FIND AN AMAZING DEAL AND NEED TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY?)

Speaking of deals, my China airfare deal would be less of a deal if I was American and had to pay $140 for a single-entry visa, but luckily I’m Canadian and only have to pay $50.

If you’ve never applied for a visa, it’s pretty easy and generally the same for most countries that require them in advance. Fill out a form, get a passport-style photo, pay some money, wait a couple days (or longer), and ta-da! Visa for you!

However, I’m glad my trip in December-January is only to countries that don’t require visas, because the process is kind of a hassle. And as you know, I’m pretty lazy.

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