trains to paris

April 20th, 2011 / by / in: travel / No responses

This entry is probably longer than it needs to be, considering it’s only about the five-hour train ride from Zurich to Paris. I’m kind of an airplane/train nerd, so if photos of my train ride aren’t your thing, just ignore this entry. (BUT TRAINS ARE COOL! WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?) […]

zurich, part zwei

April 20th, 2011 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

I’m back from Paris, and have some picture-posting catch-up to do. I was only in Zurich for a couple days, but my overall impression that it’s a lovely, charming, and well-designed (HELVETICA EVERYWHERE!) city, but very expensive. The Swiss Franc is almost on par with my dollar, but everything was […]

zurich, part eins

April 16th, 2011 / by / in: travel / 2 Responses

I’m in Zurich (sorry, Zürich) right now, but will be taking a train to Paris this afternoon. I figured I should start posting some of my photos before I get too far behind! Waiting in the Maple Leaf lounge before the flight. The international lounge is nicer than the domestic and […]

why not?

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I’m going to Paris and Zurich in a couple weeks — I’ve been to Paris before (hence the photos) but not to Zurich. Zurich was pretty much an entirely random choice. It was on sale when I was looking at tickets, so I figured why not Zurich? We’re then taking […]