South Korea



August 3rd, 2013 / by / in: travel / 2 Responses

Everyone knows that Asia has the best airports and the best airlines. Seoul’s Incheon Airport (ICN) is one of my favourite airports, and it’s consistently rated as one of the best airports in the world.  I mean, how many airports have a indoor ice skating rink, a golf course, a […]

airbnb in seoul

August 2nd, 2013 / by / in: hotels / 4 Responses

After using Airbnb for months with much success in Japan (read all about that HERE), it was the obvious choice for our week in Seoul. Hotels in Seoul aren’t terribly expensive (compared to say, Tokyo) so using Airbnb made it even cheaper. We paid about $70/night for a cute apartment […]

coex mall

July 29th, 2013 / by / in: travel / No responses

Ah, Coex Mall. Asia’s largest underground shopping mall, full of fun Korean stores and (apparently) K-pop celebrities. The mall is in Gangnam, but the closest subway station is Samseong Station. I love you, Korean makeup! Etude House was having a 50% off sale while I was there. All of the benches […]

cheap stuff in seoul

July 6th, 2013 / by / in: travel / 2 Responses

Here’s just some more random photos from Seoul. Mostly of food and makeup, because 99% of my income goes towards those two items. I can never get over how cheap yet amazing the food and makeup (and EVERYTHING) is in South Korea.  Korean alcohol is basically cheaper than water. The […]

barbed wire and north korea

June 12th, 2013 / by / in: travel / 2 Responses

So I finally made it to the DMZ. I had a tour booked last year when I was in Seoul, but due to airline mishaps, I ended up missing it. It’s pretty much impossible to reschedule a DMZ tour at the last minute because the tour organizer has to provide […]

onwards to seoul

June 11th, 2013 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

After Hiroshima, we decided to go to Seoul for a couple days. I’ve been to Seoul before, but it’s a city I love. It would have been easier to fly out of Fukuoka because the airport is so accessible, but since we booked it kind of last minute, Hiroshima ended […]


February 2nd, 2012 / by / in: travel / 2 Responses

Because of our flight delay, our time in Seoul was really short. Less than a day and a half. So instead of of doing anything interesting or cultural, I did what I do best — ate food and went shopping. Our hotel was in Myeongdong, one of the major shopping […]

seoul food

January 31st, 2012 / by / in: food / 1 Response

This is maybe my most useless post yet: a post where I eat a lot of food that I don’t know the name of, at restaurants that I can’t remember. But! It was really fun in real life. Due to our adventures at Narita Airport, we arrived in Seoul a […]