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After eating at Swan Oyster Depot, we went for a drive. Why? Why not? It involved a lot of winding roads and beautiful scenery. Why don’t I live in San Francisco? Oooooh, pretty beach. Michael and Hampton! I don’t know what is going on here. Sigh. Then I made everyone […]

swan oyster depot

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As soon as we got off the train in San Francisco, we headed over to the Swan Oyster Depot to eat seafood and meet up with Michael and Hampton. Seafood for breakfast? YES PLEASE. The place is basically like an old school diner, but you know, with seafood. Lots of […]

the slanted door

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While I was in San Francisco, I had dinner at The Slanted Door. It’s sort of modern Vietnamese food. Very delicious. The menu is here, but my faaaaaaavourite thing was the yuba (tofu skin) noodles. The Slanted Door gets their tofu from an artisanal tofu maker in Oakland, which you […]

coast starlight to san francisco

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THE REST OF MY PORTLAND/SAN FRANCISCO PHOTOS! Yeah, I neglected my blog for months. But it was for a reason! I was busy! I got a new Macbook! I’m moving to Japan! Anyway, here’s the rest of the photos. Even though this was from, you know, APRIL. The Amtrak train […]