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Spring is the best time to be in Japan. There are cherry blossoms and nice weather and everyone is happy. How can you not be happy? Standing outside in the swirl of pink petals would cheer up the even the grumpiest of grumpy people. Japan loves cherry blossoms and it’s […]

in bloom

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You may remember that last year, I posted approximately 8293482390482903482309423094 photos of cherry blossoms. But I couldn’t help it! They’re so beautiful! You’ll know what I mean if you’ve ever experienced sakura season in Japan yourself. And if you haven’t, you should. Everyone should see the cherry blossoms once in […]

double cherry blossoms

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Yeah, I know I said I’d stop posting about cherry blossoms and they’ve long stopped blooming here. But! I did go see them one last time in Osaka, at the Osaka Mint Bureau. The Mint has a ton of late-blooming varieties so it’s open for viewing a week or so […]


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I promise this will be my last cherry blossom post! (Maybe I’m a little obsessed.) The cherry blossoms are over now in Osaka — there’s still some of the dark pink flowers left here and there, but the light coloured ones in these photos are all gone. Before they were […]

osaka hanami

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You’re probably tired of sakura photos, but I’m not! Here’s a bunch more photos from around Osaka. We hanami-ed at Osaka-jo Koen (Osaka Castle Park) and Sakuranomiya last weekend. (You can see the castle in one of the photos.) I was out today and the cherry blossom petals are starting […]


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Hanami (花見, cherry blossom viewing) is a big deal in Japan. Because the cherry blossoms are only in bloom for about week or so, people want to get in all the hanami that they can. Companies will send employees to camp out all day so that they can have a prime […]

kyoto sakura

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One of the best things about Japan in the spring are the sakura (cherry blossoms). They’re incredibly beautiful and also quite fleeting — they go from full bloom to petals falling in about a week. For most Japanese people, they represent the impermanence of life. From Wikipedia (because I’m too lazy […]

starbucks sakura

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In Japan, Starbucks releases limited edition sakura (cherry blossom) products every spring. They’re so pretty! I bought a mug and some cookies, but you can see all of the Starbucks sakura products for 2013 here. I don’t even like frappuccinos, but I want the sakura version just because it’s so cute. My […]