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People are always asking me for a list of things they should do/eat/drink in Tokyo. So I decided to put a lot of my Tokyo blog entries and suggestions in one place. THAT PLACE IS HERE! Annnnnd if you’re not interested in Tokyo, scroll down to the bottom for some […]

getting stuff done in tokyo

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I’m taking a break from the Lolita posts (part four is still forthcoming!) for a different kind of entry. This post is geared towards English-speakers coming to Japan — either as tourists or to live. It’s mostly a link dump of things I’ve found helpful in my day-to-day life while […]

NEXUS searches, part two

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Because I get so many searches about this, here’s yet another entry where I answer the weird Google queries I get about NEXUS. And speaking of NEXUS, when I went through customs at YYZ on Wednesday, the line was INSANE. It went way outside the customs hall and threaded down the terminal. […]

NEXUS weirdos

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I’ve been getting tons of blog hits lately from people searching for NEXUS-related stuff. I do have several entries on NEXUS, but still! From Google Analytics: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again —  if you have weird NEXUS questions, just read this million page long Flyertalk thread. […]

your NEXUS searches, answered

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I’ve been getting a lot of people searching for NEXUS-related stuff and arriving at my blog. So here’s round two of me answering your Google search questions, NEXUS edition! nexus interview questions The questions are different for everyone (and based on your responses in your application), but it’s generally similar […]