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People are always asking me for a list of things they should do/eat/drink in Tokyo. So I decided to put a lot of my Tokyo blog entries and suggestions in one place. THAT PLACE IS HERE! Annnnnd if you’re not interested in Tokyo, scroll down to the bottom for some […]

kushikatsu train

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I wrote about the Osaka kushikatsu institution Daruma in my entry about Shinsekai. If you’re going to go to Daruma (and you should!), I recommend the Shinksekai location for the old-school feel, but if you think the experience would be improved by automated trains bringing you your food, you’re in […]

all aboard the tama densha

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Now that I’ve finished with the Lolita posts, it’s back to my regularly scheduled travel posts. I’m currently writing this from Nagoya, but this entry takes place in Wakayama. WARNING! This entry has a lot of photos, and they may not be interesting to you unless you’re a train nerd. […]

the hanshin tigers

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I know almost nothing about baseball (or any sports for that matter) but one of the things I wanted to do in Japan is go to a Japanese baseball game. Baseball is HUGE in Japan. People are serious about their team. Very serious. And I don’t think anyone loves their […]

double cherry blossoms

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Yeah, I know I said I’d stop posting about cherry blossoms and they’ve long stopped blooming here. But! I did go see them one last time in Osaka, at the Osaka Mint Bureau. The Mint has a ton of late-blooming varieties so it’s open for viewing a week or so […]


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Kobe is probably one of my favourite cities so far in Japan. It’s a city that’s been destroyed several times (American firebombing during and after WWII and the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995) but it’s beautiful and modern. There’s a lot of Western-looking buildings, due to the fact that it’s a […]

kani doraku

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I couldn’t leave Osaka without eating at the iconic Kani Doraku. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen the giant mechanical crab sign before. It’s probably the most well-known restaurant in Osaka. It’s actually a chain — you can find smaller versions of the crab all over […]


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I promise this will be my last cherry blossom post! (Maybe I’m a little obsessed.) The cherry blossoms are over now in Osaka — there’s still some of the dark pink flowers left here and there, but the light coloured ones in these photos are all gone. Before they were […]