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People are always asking me for a list of things they should do/eat/drink in Tokyo. So I decided to put a lot of my Tokyo blog entries and suggestions in one place. THAT PLACE IS HERE! Annnnnd if you’re not interested in Tokyo, scroll down to the bottom for some […]

goya champuru forever

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I have a bunch of posts with photos that I just never got around to posting from Japan sitting in Drafts in WordPress. I’m going to try to finish posting them since some of them have been around for almost a YEAR. A YEAR! Writing all these words and captions […]

back in tokyo

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Oh, Tokyo. Even though I love Seoul, I miss you when I’m gone. It’s weird to miss a place that isn’t your home, and it’s weird to be comforted by a language you don’t really know. But I do and I am. Here’s a mostly random collection of Tokyo photos […]

flying peach, part 2

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As a follow up to my entry about flying on Peach from Osaka to Okinawa, I figured I’d post about the flight back. Only because it was kind of hilarious. Well, hilarious if you’re slightly snobby like me. Unlike at KIX, Peach has almost zero facilities at the Okinawa airport. […]

ginowan sunshine

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After a couple days in Naha, we moved to a hotel on the beach. Moon Ocean Ginowan is (obviously) in Ginowan, a city to the north of Naha. It was pretty relaxing. You can see the ocean from the bathtub! Also, the hotel rooms are HUGE (especially for the price). […]

the cats of okinawa

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Japan always seems to have cats hanging out by the water and Okinawa is no exception. On a beach in Ginowan, we found all these cats! It’s like your own personal cat cafe at the beach. I named this cat Scruffy. Cat head pokes out. I named this cat Mr. […]

more okinawa

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Here’s a bunch of photos from Okinawa that are all unrelated to food. I mean, the best part of Okinawa is the food (isn’t food the best part of everything?) but there’s other interesting stuff there too. These photos are all from Naha. The above photo is of the Naha […]

the foods of okinawa

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Wah, I’m so behind on my blog posts! Sorry, internet! Since my last update, I moved to Osaka, went to Okinawa, and spent a strange weekend in Tokyo dressing up like a Japanese Lolita. But more to come on that later. First of all, I need to tell you about […]