kyoto again

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This is another entry where I go to Kyoto and do touristy things. The Fushimi Inari shrine is probably one of the most iconic images of Kyoto, and you’ve probably seen the above photo a thousand times. But it’s still quite amazing and beautiful in real life, so of course […]


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Hanami (花見, cherry blossom viewing) is a big deal in Japan. Because the cherry blossoms are only in bloom for about week or so, people want to get in all the hanami that they can. Companies will send employees to camp out all day so that they can have a prime […]

kyoto sakura

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One of the best things about Japan in the spring are the sakura (cherry blossoms). They’re incredibly beautiful and also quite fleeting — they go from full bloom to petals falling in about a week. For most Japanese people, they represent the impermanence of life. From Wikipedia (because I’m too lazy […]