asia adventure: ovolo hong kong

August 3rd, 2015 / by / in: hotels / 1 Response

In Hong Kong, we stayed at the Ovolo Noho, which is part of the Ovolo chain of hotels. For a fairly cheap hotel (I think we paid around $160 a night), it was really great. It’s exactly the kind of hotel I like (boutique style, small, modern) and the location […]

the modern honolulu

February 7th, 2015 / by / in: hotels / No responses

When we were in Honolulu, we stayed at The Modern Honolulu. Honolulu is a bit of time warp as far as hotels are concerned and most rooms look like they came straight out of the 70s. I had originally booked the Hilton but decided I just didn’t want to stay […]

the hello kitty birthday party

January 25th, 2015 / by / in: travel / No responses

Someday, I’ll be done these Hello Kitty and Hawaii posts. Actually, this is the last Hello Kitty-related one! As part of the Hello Kitty Con/Line Hotel package, we got tickets to Hello Kitty’s birthday party. Yes, a birthday party for the one and only Hello Kitty! The party was pretty […]

welcome to shanghai

August 31st, 2014 / by / in: travel / 1 Response

Obviously I’m a little behind on things (ummm, better late than never, right?), but back in April, Mike and I went to Shanghai. We were originally going to go to Dubai, but then a week before the trip, we changed our destination to Shanghai. Mostly because I wanted to eat […]

the ludlow hotel

July 10th, 2014 / by / in: hotels / No responses

Unlike with airlines, I have almost no loyalty to hotels. I  have Hilton Gold and I enjoy the perks (free upgrades! free internet! free late check out! free food and drinks!) but not quite as much as I like trying out new hotels. Hiltons are generally fine but they’re not particularly […]

goodbye bangkok, hello tokyo

April 20th, 2014 / by / in: travel / No responses

On our last day in Bangkok, I woke up with a cold so I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I got some cold medication at a Thai pharmacy for something like $1 and spent most of the day being lazy. We got a late 4pm checkout at the Conrad thanks to […]

onward to bangkok

March 30th, 2014 / by / in: travel / No responses

After Tokyo, we were headed to Bangkok. The flight we’d booked was actually a super cheap fare from Toronto to Bangkok, but since the flight stopped in Tokyo anyway, I turned the stop into a couple days. (Because how could I not? TOKYO!) The flight from Tokyo to Bangkok is […]

airbnb in seoul

August 2nd, 2013 / by / in: hotels / 4 Responses

After using Airbnb for months with much success in Japan (read all about that HERE), it was the obvious choice for our week in Seoul. Hotels in Seoul aren’t terribly expensive (compared to say, Tokyo) so using Airbnb made it even cheaper. We paid about $70/night for a cute apartment […]


June 5th, 2013 / by / in: travel / 4 Responses

Hiroshima is a strange place. No one goes to Hiroshima without thinking about the history, the atomic bomb that completely obliterated the city in 1945. It seems like a long time ago, but it’s only been 68 years. As of last year, there are 210,830 hibakusha (survivors of the atomic bombing) recognized […]