shanghai dumpling tour

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I guess you could really call our trip to Shanghai the Trip of Dumpling Eating. We had dumplings for the majority of our meals. The famous xiolongbao (soup dumplings) are a Shanghai thing so OF COURSE we had to eat them as much as possible. We did the “Dumpling Delights” tour […]

a weekend in new york

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So we sort of spontaneously decided to go to New York for the weekend. YOLO, right? The July 1st weekend was a long weekend in Canada and not a holiday in the US so it was perfect timing. It was way cheaper to fly YTZ-YUL-LGA last minute instead of direct, […]

eat all the foods and avoid all the illnesses

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I came across this Budget Travel article about travellers’ diarrhea awhile ago, and read it with a certain amount of skepticism. Pretty much every article I read on HOW TO NOT GET SICK WHEN TRAVELLING reads exactly the same. From the article: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that TD […]

bangkok food

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Ooops, I got a little behind on my Thailand posts because I went to Shanghai. More on that later. Here is an entry mostly devoted to food. In Bangkok. Of course it starts in a mall, because why not? WHERE BETTER TO EXPERIENCE AUTHENTIC CULTURE THAN AT A MALL? (Contrary to […]

the floating market

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After the train market, we headed to the neighbouring Ratchaburi Province to check out the floating market. We went to Damnoen Saduak, the most well known market, but it was still fun. I mean, it was touristy, but everything in Bangkok is touristy. (The other market, Tha Kha, apparently has less tourists but […]

the train market

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After seeing it in an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Mike really wanted to visit the Maeklong Railway Market while we were in Bangkok. I arranged a (private) tour that picked us up at our hotel and took us the two hours or so outside of Bangkok to Samut […]

onward to bangkok

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After Tokyo, we were headed to Bangkok. The flight we’d booked was actually a super cheap fare from Toronto to Bangkok, but since the flight stopped in Tokyo anyway, I turned the stop into a couple days. (Because how could I not? TOKYO!) The flight from Tokyo to Bangkok is […]

more tokyo

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More photos from Tokyo. Like I mentioned, we were only there for three days, so we tried to cram as much stuff in as possible. DO ALL THE TOKYO THINGS! Cherry blossoms, ramen, sushi, izakaya, shopping, karaoke. A stop into Torikizoku, an izakaya from the Kansai region that’s always cheap and […]


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Spring is the best time to be in Japan. There are cherry blossoms and nice weather and everyone is happy. How can you not be happy? Standing outside in the swirl of pink petals would cheer up the even the grumpiest of grumpy people. Japan loves cherry blossoms and it’s […]