travel stuff bought lately

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I’m always on the hunt for fun/interesting/useful/cute/tiny travel products. So I decided to write about some of the ones that I’ve bought recently. Because I’m lazy, I just looked at my Amazon history, which is why all of these are from Amazon. But they’re all things I bought with my […]

all about packing, part two

December 8th, 2013 / by / in: packing / 3 Responses

This is a continuation of my last entry about packing — it’s all about my carry-on purse/bag. I find it easier to bring two separate bags, one as my actual carry-on suitcase, and one as my “personal item” as the airlines like to call it. Above are three carry-on purses […]

all about packing, part one

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This entry is all about one of my favourite subjects — PACKING! I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos and read a lot of blog entries in which girls explain how they pack and almost all of it is useless. I don’t care what you bring on the plane if […]


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Finally, the entry where we fly home! Of course, no one loves a 13-hour flight in economy, but the trip home ended up being pretty awesome. And when we got home after 18 hours of being in the air and who knows how many hours of travel time, I said, […]

makeup > sandwiches

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Back to your regularly scheduled* travel-related posts! I recently bought a handful of these reusable sandwich bags from Etsy seller EverSewClever. The intention was to use them for lunches, but I realized how PERFECT they are for travel. They’re inexpensive and they come in pretty patterns (SPACE INVADERS!) and are […]

bb cream

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This is pretty far from a makeup or beauty blog — I try to avoid writing about anything that isn’t at least loosely tied to travel. (I have blogged about nail polish and carry-on toiletries before, but they’re both travel-related.) This is a more tenuous link, but I have to […]


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Surely by now you all know how I hate checking luggage. Which means I have to bring all necessary toiletries with me in my carry-on bag. I’ve lamented the lack of cute ziptop bag options before, so when I found these, I was pretty pleased. Regular old Ziploc bags are […]