japanese drugstore goodies

February 12th, 2013 / by / in: travel / 30 Responses

I have spent maybe a bit too much time browsing @cosme, which is sort of like the Japanese version of makeupalley, except bigger. There are rankings for every category and lots of reviews. You can see in the photo above that the¬†Suhada Shizuku¬†Pack Gel and the DHC lip cream both […]

a hairy adventure

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Finally, here’s my haircut update. I went to HEYKEL in Harajuku and got my hair cut and dyed. I’d never been to a Japanese hair salon before, so it was an interesting experience. The best part was probably the extremely long washing/head massage part, which I think is standard at […]


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Because of our flight delay, our time in Seoul was really short. Less than a day and a half. So instead of of doing anything interesting or cultural, I did what I do best — ate food and went shopping. Our hotel was in Myeongdong, one of the major shopping […]

makeup > sandwiches

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Back to your regularly scheduled* travel-related posts! I recently bought a handful of these reusable sandwich bags from Etsy seller EverSewClever. The intention was to use them for lunches, but I realized how PERFECT they are for travel. They’re inexpensive and they come in pretty patterns (SPACE INVADERS!) and are […]

bb cream

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This is pretty far from a makeup or beauty blog — I try to avoid writing about anything that isn’t at least loosely tied to travel. (I have blogged about nail polish and carry-on toiletries before, but they’re both travel-related.) This is a more tenuous link, but I have to […]

shellac love

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I’m kind of in love with Shellac manicures. How does this relate to travel, you ask? Shellac manicure are AWESOME to get before you go somewhere, because they last for two weeks! Usually if I’m away for a week, I need to re-do my nail polish at least once, and […]


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Surely by now you all know how I hate checking luggage. Which means I have to bring all necessary toiletries with me in my carry-on bag. I’ve lamented the lack of cute ziptop bag options before, so when I found these, I was pretty pleased. Regular old Ziploc bags are […]