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This post is basically ALL HELLO KITTY EVERYTHING, so if you don’t like Hello Kitty, turn back now! Although I’d question why you’re even here in the first place.

As part of this Asia adventure, I finally got to fly on one of the Hello Kitty EVA Air planes. I’ve been meaning to do it for years, but the flights are mostly inter-Asia and when I looked into it when I was living in Japan, they were fairly pricey. So using miles was the perfect solution.

EVA is a Taiwanese airline and their Hello Kitty planes fly to/from Taipei and Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Guam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and soon Houston and Singapore. The planes are only on certain flights though, so definitely check to make sure you book the right flight number if you’re trying to get on a Hello Kitty plane.

I flew NRT-TPE-HKG and both flights were on the same Hello Kitty plane.


Hello Kitty check in desks! This is at Narita Airport in Tokyo — I know that Taipei has Hello Kitty-themed check-in kiosks.


The CUTEST bag tags. I’m happy that I live in a world where these exist.


The world’s greatest boarding pass.


And an invitation to the EVA Air lounge at TPE. (Which we could get into anyway and didn’t even end up visiting.)


The ANA lounge at NRT is one of my favourite business class lounges. Maybe because of the noodle bar, maaaaaaybe because of the CC Lemon machine. If you’re Star Alliance Gold, it’s worth the trek to the end of the terminal to camp out here instead of the terrible United lounge at the other end. (Unless you happen to have a thing for soggy chicken nuggets and overcrowded lounges.)


Kitsune udon.


THE PLANE!! EVA Air has a bunch of Hello Kitty planes and this one is called the Hello Kitty Speed Puff. (heart eyes emoji)


The business class cabin.


This might be really weird if you end up on this plane randomly.


Most of the Hello Kitty stuff was part of a winter theme since it was… winter.


Christmas-themed Hello Kitty IFE.


Cute napkins!


I just tried this photo with Microsoft’s Age Robot and it said that I’m 15 years old. I’m pretty sure the Age Robot is just judging me for being over 30 and having a life goal of flying on a Hello Kitty airplane. Whatevs, GOAL ACCOMPLISHED.


The also winter-themed menu.





I went with the Din Tai Fung meal and Mike got the Japanese meal.


Even the safety instructions card was Hello Kitty-ified. In the case of an emergency, Hello Kitty will save you.


Goodbye, Tokyo!


The biz cabin wasn’t that full, so Mike went over to the other side of the plane and took some awesome photos of Mt. Fuji.


The rice crackers were not Hello Kitty-shaped. Pfffft.


The Japanese meal appetizers.


My Din Tai Fung meal. Normally, you know I’d order the Japanese meal, but I love Din Tai Fung so I had to try it. I was a bit disappointed that there were no Hello Kitty elements to it, but it wasn’t one of the “standard” meals so it made sense.


Chinese appetizers.


The adorable Japanese main…


…with Hello Kitty tofu!


Sorry, Hello Kitty.


The cutest toothpick.


I tried to covertly take a photo of a flight attendant in her Hello Kitty apron.


OF COURSE the bathroom had Hello Kitty toilet paper.


And Hello Kitty cups for water.


And Hello Kitty toiletries!


I mostly bought stuff from the duty free catalogue because I knew it came in a Hello Kitty tote bag. You can see all the EVA Air Hello Kitty goodies available in the duty free catalogue HERE. (You can even buy the pink Hello Kitty aprons!)


I saw this in the in-flight magazine so Mike asked the flight attendant for a pack of playing cards.


She gave us both kinds of cards! (The regular version and the winter version.) Super cute.


Landed at TPE again! We didn’t have much time to connect, so we skipped the lounge and went to take photos of Hello Kitty stuff instead. Because priorities. This Sanrio store had a lot of Hello Kitty travel-related stuff.



A lot of the gates at TPE are themed, but the Hello Kitty gate is the best one. (I might be biased.)




I didn’t take any photos of the cabin on the second flight to HKG because it was the same plane. But here’s meal #2, some kind of shrimp pasta. Mike was Hello Kitty-ied out so he skipped the meal.


The carrot was a bit deformed but still Hello Kitty bow-shaped.

So there you go. I can cross that off my List of Things To Do Before I Die. It was fun and worth every penny I didn’t spend on it because I used miles. If you’re a Hello Kitty fan or a five-year-old girl, I recommend it. For everyone else, I recommend flying ANA instead because I thought the EVA Air service was kind of mediocre.

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  • Eimear says:

    Omg this is such a dream! Do you know if all the flights on those routes are on the Hello Kitty planes or how do you make sure when booking? I want to do this! Gonna follow your blog, I love it :-)

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  • tedder says:

    “Taipei and Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Seoul, Guam, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, and soon Houston and Singapore.”

    one of those doesn’t belong.

    Also, Mike was Hello Kittied out? WTF MIKE.

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