asia adventure: tokyo again

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I know I just came BACK from Tokyo, but this is about visiting Tokyo on my previous Asia trip. (Yeah, yeah, I’m slow to update this, I know. Or maybe I just go to Tokyo too often?)

Anyway, we had two nights in Tokyo on this trip, but I actually didn’t really take a lot of photos. I think it’s because I don’t feel like a tourist as much as I used to, so I don’t feel compelled to take photos. (Except of food. I’ll always be taking photos of food.)


I’ve written about Uoshin before but to reiterate: they have an English menu, but if you go, DON’T USE IT. Order some of the stuff on the Japanese menu that’s circled in red (see above). Those are the specials and you will not be disappointed.


Shirako (fish sperm) and ankimo (monkfish liver). SUPER DELICIOUS. I love both. Sorry squeamish people, but you’re seriously missing out in life by avoiding fish sperm. Ankimo is often described as fish foie gras.


Everything is better when it’s grilled.


Mike, still sick, on the streets of Shibuya the next day.


Walking through Yoyogi Koen.


We were walking through Harajuku and I was SO EXCITED to realize that a LINE store had opened the previous week. SERENDIPITY FOR REALZ. If you’ve never heard of Line, it’s the most popular messaging app in Japan. There’s also multiple LINE tv shows and you can find the LINE characters practically everywhere.


Hanging out with Brown.


Bucho! I may or may not have seen all the episodes of LINE OFFLINE Salaryman .


Mike bought one of these cute Brown mugs.


Brown forever!


Even a Brown reed diffuser so your home can smell nice AND be cute. Because, Japan.


Me inside a Brown.


If you’re looking for the store, it’s on Meiji Dori, across from the Forever 21.


After wandering around Harajuku and Omotesando, we went to this extremely cheap gyoza place called Harajuku Gyoza Lou that we’ve been going to for years. It’s really popular, really cheap, and the gyoza is tasty.

 NEXT ENTRY: The Hello Kitty EVA Air plane!

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