asia adventure: one night in taipei

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I need to get these Asia adventure entries finished because I have another trip to Europe and Asia coming up in a couple weeks! (Yeah, poor me, I know.)

If you had one night in Taipei, what would you do? Well, we decided to go to a night market! I love Asian night markets. Food, shopping, and entertainment all in one place. Shilin Night Market is one of the biggest night markets in Taipei, so we hopped in a cab and off we went.


It wasn’t cold, but it was raining a bit. Still very busy!



Not quite as nice as Japanese UFO catchers, but Mike won a Jake.


Cute bananas.



I really regret not buying that egg shirt.


The #1 best thing about night markets is the FOOD.



We lined up at a random stall.


And we got some random food. I like fishcakes so thumbs up for whatever this was.



We also got this onigiri-type thing. Mike somehow communicated that any of them were fine and we got the one labelled 起司, which apparently means cheese. (It does not mean cheese in Japanese so Japanese was of no use.)


Cheese and sauce and a fried rice ball wrapped in nori. PRETTY DELICIOUS.




The next morning at breakfast, I added too much junk to my congee. Sad trombone. Congee is one of my favourite breakfast items.


Mike’s favourite breakfast item is toast.


A Taiwanese hospital. It was totally packed with people everywhere.

Since Mike’s sickness seemed to be getting worse, we figured he should see a doctor before we got on another airplane. I don’t know how any of it worked, but as mentioned in this entry, travel insurance took care of everything. A guy from the insurance company came to the hotel, took us to the hospital and did all the navigating and translating. After finishing at at the hospital and getting some drugs for Mike, we basically picked up our stuff at the hotel and headed to the airport.

I was sad to spend such a limited time in Taipei, but I’ll be back.

NEXT ENTRY: We fly to Tokyo!


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