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The day after arriving in Hong Kong, we left to fly to Taipei. We were supposed to fly on EVA Air (non Hello Kitty) but we arrived at the airport and were greeted by the above sign. A flight being delayed isn’t a big deal, but when we went to the counter to get our tickets, they took us aside and tried to explain that the flight was overbooked. They asked if we would take a later flight. I thought it was kind of strange since we were in business class. Normally, I’m all for being bumped, but since we had such a short time in Taipei already we said no way. We said we wanted to either be booked on another airline or booked direct to Tokyo. They ended up putting us on an earlier Cathay Pacific flight, which I was happy with. I probably wouldn’t get to fly Cathay otherwise since it’s not in Star Alliance. So with new tickets in hand, we headed to the lounge.


Could be worse. Could definitely be worse.


Mike with his new friend outside the lounge.

Ginger Ale… or Ginger Beer?


I bought a Chinese magazine because I wanted these free Tsumori Chisato slippers.


The Disney Store at HKG is great because they sell Duffy items. I don’t even like Disney stuff, but I have a somewhat compulsive love for Duffy and only Duffy. (In Tokyo, you can only buy Duffy at DisneySea.) So Christmas Duffy was a necessary purchase.


Lounge noodles.


Looking down into the terminal.


 Mike making fun of giant phones.


A pretty nice seat for a two hour flight. It’s kind of funny that this is what you get for short inter-Asia business class flights, and yet inter-Europe business class is regular old coach seats with a blocked middle seat. ASIA WINS.


 Getting comfy. The seats are sort of similar to the pods Air Canada uses on its longhaul flights. Impressive for business class! The seats actually recline into fully flat beds, but obviously this isn’t really required on a two hour flight.

 Smug Mike is smug.


Flowers are a nice touch.


The built-in mirror at your seat.


 Waiting for takeoff.


 Goodbye, Hong Kong! I kept the map on for the entire flight and didn’t use the entertainment system.


I ordered the chicken even though I hate chicken, since it had the little specialty icon beside it and I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. If you recommend it, I will eat it. The pork didn’t sound that great anyway.


Aww, the butter has the Cathay Pacific logo on it.


The chicken was actually pretty tasty. And the dessert was CHEESE CAKE. (All caps because I love cheese cake.)


Pocket for your stuff.


I was sitting at the very back of the biz class cabin and it was fairly private. I always like sitting in the second cabin.


 Legroom! Overall, everything on Cathay was great, and pretty much what I expect from an Asian airline.


Annnnnd I bought this totally adorable LeSportsac pouch onboard from the duty free catalogue. It’s a cute Hong Kong print and it’s made exclusively for Cathay Pacific. I love country-specific LeSportsac prints!

We arrived in Taipei on time but ended up having to wait ten thousand years (okay, maybe an hour or so) to get through immigration. We had booked a car from the hotel to pick us up and luckily it was still waiting. By the time we got to the hotel we were tired (and Mike was sick) but figured we had to make the most of our one night in Taipei.

NEXT ENTRY: What do you do with one night in Taipei?

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