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When we were in Honolulu, we stayed at The Modern Honolulu. Honolulu is a bit of time warp as far as hotels are concerned and most rooms look like they came straight out of the 70s. I had originally booked the Hilton but decided I just didn’t want to stay at a Hilton for a week. (And now that Mike has Starwood Gold, I’m giving up on Hiltons entirely. But that’s another story.) Anyway, The Modern is my kind of hotel. Minimalist with all white rooms. I didn’t really take any photos of the room, but you can see some examples on their website.

I also wasn’t looking for a hotel with a beach or beach access because I’m not a beach person. And I’ll take a fancy pool where a server will bring you endless mojitos over a beach any day! As a bonus, they also have an adults only pool in case you hate kids as much as I do. We saw very few kids anyway. It’s not really a kid-friendly hotel.

Two of my favourite things about The Modern Honolulu:

  • I normally don’t care about turndown service, but at The Modern it includes HONOLULU COOKIE COMPANY cookies left on the bed. These cookies are delicious and we ended up bringing home as many boxes as we could carry without checked luggage. The Japanese tourists are right. (If you’re going to Hawaii, please bring me back some cookies. My favourite flavour is White Chocolate Coconut.)
  • The hotel is a bit of a hike to downtown Waikiki (about a 15 minute walk), but an even shorter walk to Ala Moana mall, which is filled with Japanese food like kaitenzushi and a Japanese food court. (You may remember that my main reason for going to Honolulu was to eat Japanese food.)


The lobby. They bring you some kind of really delicious lemonade drink while you check in.


After we checked in, they brought up a card and some salted macadamia nut caramels since it was Mike’s birthday. A nice touch! The guy that brought the caramels into the room noticed that I was watching Japanese tv and said “You know Japanese?” I said “A little bit,” and he seemed weirdly impressed. (Considering that practically everything in Waikiki is in Japanese, I’m surprised if most people don’t know at least a tiny amount of Japanese.) And the caramels were tasty.


The main pool.


I just kept ordering the frozen coconut mojito.


Better than a beach.


No one will bring you snacks at the beach.


The pool area at night. We ate dinner there one night, but I regretted it because although the food is fine, I’d rather spend 1/10 the money and eat at Marukame Udon (mentioned here). But I really love Marukame Udon. There’s also a Morimoto restaurant in the hotel — we didn’t eat there, but apparently Barack Obama is a big fan.


Lather toiletries!


I’m not really sure why I took this photo.


View from the balcony.


Hawaii bottled water was replenished every day.


It was nice having a balcony, even though it was a million degrees and humid. Here’s Mike playing the ukelele that came with the room. Because it’s only really Hawaii when you’re listening to music that sounds like Spongebob Squarepants.

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