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I know this was back at the end of October, but you may remember that I went to HELLO KITTY CON! It was pretty amazing. I stayed at the official Hello Kitty Con hotel, The Line Hotel in Koreatown, LA. I have Hilton Gold and Mike has Starwood Gold, but I just can’t resist a cute boutique hotel.

Our original flight to LA was YYZ-ORD-LAX on United, but since YYZ-ORD was delayed, we got on the nonstop YYZ-LAX Air Canada flight. So no upgrades, but Air Canada is better in economy anyway. As a weird aside, our tickets had the code for a meal on them and we got a bunch of free food on the Air Canada flight. I still don’t know why that happened, but hey, free food!

The hotel itself was awesome. I’m not a huge fan of LA, but I’d stay there again. The lobby was full of Hello Kitty art and Asiana flight attendants. Hello Kitty gift bags were waiting for us in the room.


Hello Kitty swag!


So much stuff.


The room itself was pretty cool — lots of concrete.


We were hungry but too tired to go out and it was late so we ordered Korean (of course) delivery.


All cement everything.


The view at night.


The view in the morning. I love how the bed faces the floor-to-ceiling window.


The rooms either face the city, or the mountains, as ours did. Way in the distance is the Hollywood sign!

NEXT: We take the Hello Kitty bus and go to Hello Kitty Con!


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  • tedder says:

    I’m not a fan of LA either, but we were sentenced to four years and lived in Koreatown the whole time. Line Hotel had an interesting past- previous owner wasn’t paying taxes, so the city posted sheriffs to collect *all* hotel income to pay for taxes. Which meant guests would pay the sheriff, not the hotel. Freaky.

    You chose to face the right way. Prettier and quieter.

    And- analysis of things visible in the last picture. Hollywood sign (meh). Griffith Park Observatory is straight ahead on the mountain. 15 deg to the right, there is a cluster of tall buildings. Look for the aqua one towards the left. If you zoom in, there’s a blue building in front of that. That’s the creepy LA HQ of Scientology ( http://goo.gl/HTYWnt ). Surrounding that are a few hospitals Kaiser Sunset, CHLA (the sci building is an old hospital).

    If you looked out the other side and turned to the east, you’d see the RFK school ( http://goo.gl/3iaCDd ), which was completed ~4 years ago. It cost over $500 million, had a Trump battle, and the previous building on that site (same footprint) was the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated (also was hollywood-before-hollywood, including hosting early Academy Award shows). A block away is where parts of New Girl are filmed and the apartment where tedder lived 4 years ago.

    • melissa says:

      Aahhh, that’s so cool! Thanks for pointing all of that out. There’s a lot of things about LA that I like (mostly food), but I hate how spread out everything is.

      • tedder says:

        “spread out” isn’t even the worst thing- to borrow from someone whose name I’ve forgotten, LA is like being in a theme park on its busiest day.

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