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I’m back from Hawaii and LA! More on that later, but I wanted to get in a brief post about my stop in San Francisco (SFO) yesterday and the brand new Centurion Lounge! I was pretty excited to be transiting through SFO because the Centurion Lounge had just opened two days before and I’d heard good things about these lounges. Domestic lounges tend to be mediocre at best, with slim food choices (anemic vegetables and packaged crackers), threadbare seating, and lack of outlets.

Mike has a Platinum Amex, so we got in for free. If you don’t have a Platinum or Centurion card, you can get in with a regular Amex and $50.

The lounge is located in Terminal 3 near Gate 74 and is open from 5 am to 11 pm. Which is perfect for me, because Terminal 3 is the United terminal and I’m almost always flying United. I was flying out of Gate 73 so the lounge was basically at my gate.


Since the lounge had just opened, they were giving out free gift bags. The swag included a cookbook by Christopher Kostow (the chef for the lounge) and a candle scented with the fragrance that’s piped into the lounge. The cookbook is hardcover and beautiful but VERY HEAVY so it was kind of a weird choice to give people who were travelling.


The seating area (with coffee) closest to the entrance.


Thumbs up for new lounges. This was at about 7am after a red-eye from Honolulu so we were tired.


Really comfy and private seating.


A cool wall of suitcases with magazines.


Close-up of the suitcase wall.


The bathrooms. Only three stalls. The toiletries were L’Occitane.


Food! There are apparently a bunch of hot meal options but I didn’t investigate because I was too tired to be hungry. There are some fancy cocktails too (free, obvs), but drinking at 7am wasn’t particularly appealing. There was rice available at breakfast which I thought was a nice touch, but Mike said it was dried out and hard, so A+ for effort but F for execution, Amex.


Lots of wine and free wine tastings. If you would like to get drunk in a classy way for free, this is the lounge for you.


Mike’s breakfast. I tasted a croissant and they were actually really good. (I’m a bit picky with croissants.)


The main lounge area. The lounge itself is fairly small. It was empty when we were there but I could see it filling up quickly.


The windows at the back look down on to the terminal.


Probably the best part of the lounge: OUTLETS EVERYWHERE. Lounges never ever have enough outlets.


There’s a double outlet at each seat. The outlet we used had a USB port as well!


So pretty.


Someone actually came by and offered to refill our orange juices. A REFILL! That has never happened to me in a lounge.


The kids’ room, which was empty but playing Frozen, of course. I contemplated just sleeping on the floor in there (there are beanbag chairs) but the sign on the wall says that adults without children are not allowed. 


Artistic apples.


I like the cushions. I also thought about sleeping on this couch.

So I agree with everyone else — Centurion Lounges are superior to domestic airline lounges and definitely worth checking out if you’re at SFO, LGA, DFW, or LAS.  It also adds value to the (already worth it, in my opinion) Amex Platinum Card. If you’re interested in the Plat Card, click here to get an extra 10,000 Amex points (for a total of 60,000!) when you sign up. If not, get a regular Amex — still a good use of $50 to get in, especially if you want to eat or drink!

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