essential travel items: eye drops

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For most of my life, I hated eye drops. I feared them. When I was a kid and had to have drops put in my eyes, my parents had to hold me down because there was no way I wanted eye drops anywhere near my face. But now I’m kind of obsessed with the minty-fresh-burning feeling of Japanese eye drops.  I don’t know what it is, but the feeling is kind of… addictive? Weirdly refreshing? I bought a few different kinds in Japan, from super-burning to not-so-burning. There’s always a scale on the box that ranks the level of burning from 1 to 5. (The super-burning ones like Rohto Z! are somehow level 7.) These cute Rohto Lycee ones are a tolerable level 3. The package says they’re rose-scented but I don’t really notice it.


Okay, I admit that I first bought them because of their adorable packaging — they’re pink and sparkly and they even come with a pink heart-shaped case! HEART-SHAPED! But I came to love them, especially on looooong flights. They definitely help with that dried-out feeling you get after spending 14 hours on a plane, plus they wake you up and make your eyes feel refreshed. I never fly long-haul without them now.


Stock up on these next time you’re in Japan, or buy them from Amazon here.



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