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I mentioned Japanese face masks briefly in one of my packing entries, but they are definitely one of my travel essentials. I usually have a regular Japanese face mask (good for keeping out germs) in my bag, but these “wet” type of masks are super awesome for long-haul flights. They have a wet insert that you put in the mask so that the air you breathe is nice and moist. Which is great since airplane air is so dry. PLUS, they’re scented (these ones are yuzu), which is useful if there are any weird smells floating around. (It hasn’t happened yet, but if anyone near me starts throwing up due to turbulence, I will be strapping one of these on my face immediately.)¬†

And yes, if you wear these on a flight in North America, people will probably give you weird looks. (With the Ebola thing going on now, I’m not sure if it would be better or worse to be seen wearing a mask.) But on flights to/from Asia it’s totally normal so put on a mask and enjoy your refreshing yuzu-scented air while blocking out germs at the same time.


The box has three masks and three wet inserts.


It’s incredibly self-explanatory, but here’s how the insert goes in the mask.


The mask! If you don’t want to use the insert, you can just wear it as a normal mask.

These masks are from Japan, and I haven’t ever seen the wet type ones for sale anywhere here. So stock up next time you’re in Japan! I’ve also tried the¬†eucalyptus-scented ones, which are really good if you have a cold.


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