essential travel items: travel containers

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Because I travel with only a carry-on, travel containers are essential! But instead of buying one of those¬†expensive travel container sets, I recommend checking out eBay. I got these mini travel containers from this eBay seller and it was about $10 for 25 containers. I try to find the smallest containers possible and this size is perfect for makeup stuff like foundation and moisturizer. I find that most travel containers are too big — this one from Sephora is cute but it’s 25ml and the ones I got from eBay are 3ml. The less space something takes up in my ziploc bag of liquids, the better!

You can also buy small perfume containers on eBay (I got the plastic ones above from this eBay seller), which are waaaaaaay cheaper than the $20 Travalo atomizer you can buy at the drugstore.


A Sharpie for size comparison.


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