essential travel items: antibacterial wipes

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Maybe I’m just obsessed with wipes in general (see my last travel essentials post about screen cleaning wipes), but antibacterial wipes are another one of my travel essentials. In fact, they’re one of my MOST essential items. Travelling can be dirty. Travelling can be germy. Who knows who last touched that elevator button or airplane tray table? (One of the first things I do on an airplane is wipe down my tray table with an antibacterial wipe.) They’re also good for wiping your hands before you dig into some street food, or for those bathrooms with no soap. Or maybe you’re in South Korea and you got sticky-hot hotteok filling all over your hands. (Not that it’s happened to me or anything…) I’m just saying, antibacterial wipes are good for myriad things while travelling and I ALWAYS have a package in my bag.


I love you forever, Wet Ones antibacterial wipes. You can even buy them in bulk on Amazon.

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