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I’ve been reading some criticism of those who obsess over frequent flyer miles and those who mileage run and I figured I’d write an entry in my defense.

I’m aware that to most people, spending extra time sitting on a plane is basically torture. I get it. You’d rather die than spend five minutes in an airplane. But I actually like flying. And I like it even better with status. Airline status makes flying tolerable. You don’t wait in lines. You don’t sit at the gate. You board first and exit first. You get treated nicer. You get upgraded. You drink free champagne.

Maybe a couple extra flights isn’t worth the hassle for you. That’s fine. You can wait in lines and sit in economy. But for me, it’s worth it.

Keeping up with cheap deals, booking mistake fares, and collecting miles is a hobby of mine. Considering the value I’ve gotten out of it, I’d say that it’s a pretty good hobby. I’ve taken a lot of extremely inexpensive flights and have found a lot of amazing deals. Airline miles have allowed me to fly all over the world in business class. Which is probably more than you get out of your hobby of knitting or photography or whatever.

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2 Comments to for the love of miles

  • tedder42 says:

    Totally agree. Miles are really handy for trips that are disproportionately expensive (like last minute flights).

    Semi-related, for the first time ever I’m going to hit a premium level on my favorite airline before the year ends.

    • melissa says:

      Yes, miles are great when you have to take a last-minute flight somewhere. I try to keep some around just in case.

      Which airline is your favourite?

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