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Unlike with airlines, I have almost no loyalty to hotels. I  have Hilton Gold and I enjoy the perks (free upgrades! free internet! free late check out! free food and drinks!) but not quite as much as I like trying out new hotels. Hiltons are generally fine but they’re not particularly interesting. (I am a fan of the Conrad chain though.)

I’d been looking at a different hotel for a weekend trip to NYC when I came across the newly-opened Ludlow Hotel. It was so new that there weren’t even any reviews for it anywhere. It just opened, I thought. That means no bedbugs! Admittedly, I do have a bit of a bedbug obsession, especially when staying in NYC, but that wasn’t the only reason I decided on the Ludlow. The hotel has soft opening rates ($175 for a queen bed is a steal for Manhattan) and is perfectly located — on the Lower East Side, a block or two from the new Ivan Ramen, and close to the Williamsburg Bridge for easy access to Brooklyn. All the things I like in New York are located below 14th Street and I haven’t purposefully stayed in Midtown in years.

So anyway, the day after I had come across the Ludlow Hotel, a friend (hi Duarte!) sent me this link to Wallpaper for an unrelated reason. I figured the universe was sending me a message and booked a room.


Like I’d thought, the room was completely spotless and bedbug-free. So clean! Probably no one else had even stayed in this room yet. And I always like it when hotels have hardwood floors instead of carpet.


I like the post beds — easy to clean underneath and hard to lose things.


The pretty bathroom.


Fancy times with Maison Martin Margiela robes.


The tile looks really nice since it’s new and pristine, but I feel like it will eventually get gross.


The bathroom light is excellent. Toiletries by Red Flower.


“Hey this bathroom has nice light,” commented Mike.


The mini bar had the usual sort of “hip hotel” stuff. Candies in jars, Kind bars, and help I have a headache packets.


View from the window


I was surprised that the hotel had a complimentary breakfast. Second only to Japanese breakfast, French breakfast (coffee and a croissant) is one of my favourites so it’s perfect for me. (Mike prefers his breakfast to contain hot items.) There’s coffee/tea/juice and a variety of pastries and bread items. Breakfast is served in the the hotel’s still-a-little-unfinished-but-open bar.


“The croissants are from Balthazar!” the front desk girl said excitedly. 


A really cute outdoor seating area. Lots of sun and weird concrete couches.


The good:

– Cheap soft open room rates right now

– Excellent location on the LES (pretty much across the street from Katz’s Delicatessen) and surrounded by bars and restaurants

– Close to the subway

– Free wifi (no limit on devices)

– Lots of outlets and USB OUTLETS NEXT TO THE BED (if you’ve stayed in a lot of hotels, you’ll recognize how amazing this is)

– Free breakfast

– Champagne glasses in the rooms (I know this is minor but I like when hotels include wine/champagne glasses)

– Super clean (for now)

– Not too crowded (for now)

– Hardwood floors

The bad:

– People (usually Americans on Tripadvisor) who complain about room sizes will probably find the rooms small

– Not all rooms have bathtubs (fine with me!)

– The front desk got us a car to the airport that they said was the same rates as yellow cabs, but that was a lie (hire your own cab)

– No restaurant, so no room service (restaurant is under construction)


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