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More photos from Tokyo. Like I mentioned, we were only there for three days, so we tried to cram as much stuff in as possible. DO ALL THE TOKYO THINGS! Cherry blossoms, ramen, sushi, izakaya, shopping, karaoke.


A stop into Torikizoku, an izakaya from the Kansai region that’s always cheap and fun. Every item on the menu is only 280 yen (about $3), including the drinks! This photo includes a very authentic Japanese dish of deep-fried cheese topped with butter.


Karaoke time! Oh, I miss Japanese karaoke rooms.


Picking songs as fast as he can sing them.


I don’t know why we can’t have nice things like Joysound karaoke systems in North America.


I tend to pick songs from the Japanese side and Mike picks English ones.


Heavy Rotation is actually pretty hard to try and sing because J-pop songs are all SO FAST.


This is my karaoke staple. We had to sing it in my high school Japanese class. You may know it as the 60s hit called Sukiyaki.


Spinns in Harajuku: SO MUCH SAILOR MOON!


Sailor Moon everything. It was amazing.


Mike looking cool in Harajuku.


Mike doing his best Rola-face.


One of my favourite places in the world: Kiddlyland! I went to find the new Sanrio character, Kirimi-chan. Kirimi-chan has a piece of salmon for a head. Kiddyland did not disappoint me. There was even a Kirimi-chan cutout in front of the store.




I also ended up buying a “Shima Shima” Rilakumma because EVERYONE was buying them. I don’t anything about Rilakkuma merchandise, but apparently new bears come out every so often and they’re limited edition. When in Japan…


After shopping in Harajuku and Omotesando, we went to Kurazushi, one of our favourite cheap kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi places. Every plate is 100 yen ($1). Yes, I know that the sushi is low quality and blah blah whatever, but it’s fun! I’ve had much worse sushi in Toronto for a lot more than 100 yen. (Although I don’t usually have weird meat sushi like Mike had above.)


I usually fill up on hotate (scallop) sushi.


Shrimp with aburi mayo. It’s funny because a higher-end sushi place in Toronto serves sushi like this and everyone raves about it.


Every Kurazushi location I’ve ever been to has been totally PACKED with all kinds of people. Families, couples, salarymen, students, old people… 100 yen sushi is universally loved. I would recommend Kurazushi to tourists, except that it uses the same number system that a lot of Japanese restaurants use. You go in and use a kiosk to indicate how many people are in your party and if you want to sit at the counter or a table. The machine spits out a piece of paper with a number. When your number is called (in Japanese of course), your spot is ready. While this is an extremely efficient system and I love it, it’s not particularly tourist-friendly.


I also wanted to check out the new weird Hands Cafe on the top floor of the Tokyu Hands in Shibuya. As a side note, if you ever visit Japan, definitely check out a Tokyu Hands store. It has pretty much anything and everything.


One of the specials was kani (crab) curry, and you could add as many crabs as you want! I got a reasonable ten crabs.


Japan has the best ice cream. Tiny perfect cherry blossom flavoured Haagen-Dazs!


Before we left, we realized that we hadn’t eaten any RAMEN, but Mike and his trusty Ramen DB came to our rescue. He found a place close to where we happened to be standing in Ikebukuro station that had pretty high ratings. So off we went. This place is in the bottom of Ikebukuro station and is called Tokyo Underground Ramen. Their specialty is a delicious tsukemen (dipping noodles) with thick noodles. There was a fairly short lineup, it was the standard ramen restaurant vending machine ticket set up.


Tsukemen! The broth was both porky and fishy, which maybe sounds gross but was actually SUPER TASTY.

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