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This will be a short entry. I STILL have things to post about Japan (and probably will forever), but I’m trying to post about some of my more current travel as well. Only in my dreams will this blog actually catch up to my life.

Anyway, back in October, we went on a very last-minute trip to NYC. We basically decided to go on Friday and booked airline tickets for the next day because, YOLO. This was mostly fuelled by my desire to eat Ippudo ramen and hang out with some of our friends who were also in NYC that weekend. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of conventions that weekend, so even though we used the awesome Hotel Tonight to book a last-minute hotel, we ended up paying approximately 80000000000 times more than you usually pay for a hotel in Manhattan. And it was in Times Square, which was even worse. But I REGRET NOTHING!


The hotel was next to a Shake Shack, so that’s always a bonus. After checking in, we headed almost immediately for Ippudo. I was pretty excited since it had been a while since I had Ippudo. It’s a massive ramen chain in Japan, but one of my favourites. (We used to go to the one in Medaimae — Ippudo has an awesome and cheap lunch special in Japan.) Even though it was a weekend night, I was still surprised that Ippudo had a THREE HOUR WAIT. Yes, I said THREE HOUR WAIT. Normally, I would never wait three hours for food — I wouldn’t even wait one hour for food. But I’d come for Ippudo, so three hours later, I was eating Ippudo.


No Yebisu, but shochu is good too.


The famous Ippudo ramen. It looks kind of like the real thing I posted about in my last entry, right?


Then we went to some nerd party. Hey, free drinks! Also, ping pong.




Then, this was my weekend to DO ALL THE JAPANESE THINGS, it was time for late-night karaoke. Just like in Japan, except no Joysound system. My favourite karaoke song is pictured here.


Common People.


I don’t even know. But I love Japanese karaoke.


Ippudo location number two. (It says closed but I took this photo after we left.) Only a half hour wait this time.


Did you there’s a yakitori restaurant in New York with a Michelin star? Well, there is! So we went to it. And I ate this delicious mentaiko from Fukuoka. Mostly because it was from Fukuoka. (The home of all things mentaiko. I wrote about that here!)


Meat on sticks.


Yakitori carnage.

It was a short trip, but it momentarily soothed my Japan-missing soul. I’m jealous that New York City has so many amazing Japanese things. Toronto’s getting better (izakayas! yakitori! ramen!) but it’s just not the same.

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  • Mai says:

    Ahh! Seeing your photos makes me excited for New York! I’ll be going for two nights next week :D! I’m still suffering from post-Japan depression, so I’ll have to stop by Otafuku for a proper takoyaki fix.

    • melissa says:

      New York is the perfect place if you’re missing Japan! Head to St. Mark’s for cheap yakitori, Japanese curry, and lots of Japanese beer.

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