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This is an entry of random food photos from Japan that I didn’t get around to posting anywhere else. Yay, random food! The thing in the photo above is some kind of amazing Japanese bread item — Japan has the best weird bread things — it’s a potato croquette inside a piece of bread, topped with Japanese mayo. Sounds gross? Well, it was delicious.


I hunted this down when I was in Tokyo — instant Ivan Ramen! It was only available at a specific konbini. You may remember that I did eat at Ivan Ramen while I was in Japan, but it’s funny because there’s now an Ivan Ramen in New York (which I have yet to try).


Some weird KFC burger that had chicken for the “bun” and a rice patty as the “burger.”


Mike was into it.


Japan has a thing with American-themed burgers at McDonalds. This was the Texas Burger.


Fried onions and cheese and some kind of barbeque sauce? I don’t know, and I did not eat this. (EBI FILET-O FOR LIFE!)


That’s right. I only eat the Ebi Filet-o  (shrimp burger) at McDonalds.


OH GOD LOOKING AT THIS PHOTO OF IPPUDO RAMEN MAKES ME WANT TO DIE. I love Ippudo ramen. Ippudo is a huge chain but their ramen is cheap and oh-so-tasty. I recently went to New York and ate at both Ippudo restaurants. Aside from the three hour wait (!!!), the ramen was was similar. But still… not the same. Not the saaaaaaaaaaame.


Ippudo in Japan has free all-you-can-eat pickles and iced tea.


Did I ever mention that most ramen shops are frequented by single dudes?


Ippudo also has the most perfect, tiny gyoza. The one in NYC did not have gyoza and I was sad.


Hey, it’s the Yebisu Museum! Yebisu is my favourite Japanese beer. The museum is in Ebisu, which is actually the same as Yebisu. Yebisu is pronounced “ebisu” but I don’t really feel like explaining this so just read about it on Wikipedia if you’re interested.


Welcome to the Yebisu vending machine! Which gives out not beer, but coins for beer.


Yebisu coins!


So many beers.


I MISS YOU, YEBISU. Yebisu is made by Sapporo, and we have a Sapporo brewery HERE IN ONTARIO, but yet… no Yebisu.


Beer snacks.


Beer tower.


I feel like I might have posted this already. But anyway, it’s a “peach pineapple” — a tiny, sweet, pink pineapple that costs $8.


Hanging out on the bills patio in Odaiba…


…BECAUSE BILLS HAS THE BEST PANCAKES EVER. (The banana fell off mine. But they’re still the best.)


Mike had a regular breakfast, which is a mistake. Go to bills, get the pancakes.


I have a deep and profound love for these Calbee potato sticks. They’re one of my favourite Japanese snacks, and the FRESH ONES are magical.They taste like heaven. If heaven was a potato stick. Sort of like a French fry, but better in ways I cannot explain.


A tiny dark whisky bar somewhere in the depths of Shinjuku. Millions of Japanese whiskies to choose from.


But I had an Osaka beer instead of whisky because I’m dangerous like that.


We were drunk in Shibuya and wanted hamburgers, so we ended up at the slightly-famous Whoopi Goldburger.


All of their burgers are named after American movie stars.


I think sober people eat here too.


The best thing ever: an izakaya where you grill your own seafood. They bring you raw seafood, and you cook it.


Also, vegetables!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, so good.


Food + fire = always delicious. Always.


I love you, giant shrimp.


FUN FACT: “Rare cheesecake”  just means uncooked cheesecake. I don’t know. It’s a thing. Haagen-Dazs also makes these cripsy ice cream sandwich things in Japan and they are AMAZING. They look like this and you must try one if you go to Japan.


The best day of my life* was when I found Slurpees at one of the eight zillion 7-11s I went to in Japan. 7-11 is EVERYWHERE in Japan but it does not normally have Slurpees. Did I mention I love Slurpees?

* may or may not be true


Some kind of puffy sando and star-shaped potatoes at the Tokyo Skytree.

I miss Japanese food, I really do. I mean, I make Japanese food all the time at home (it’s pretty much the only kind of food I make), but it’s not the same without all of the Japanese ingredients. And I miss going out to eat — food is so cheap, and so good. Sigh sigh sigh.

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