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I’m going to Tokyo again NEXT WEEK and I still have all these Japan posts from a zillion years ago. This one is just a quick post about a restaurant that’s fairly popular with tourists, Kaikaya in Shibuya. I’d heard it recommended several times and although the food was good, I wouldn’t personally recommend it unless you are an English (only)-speaking tourist. I think there are better places to get similar food (I like Uoshin, also in Shibuya) but most have entirely Japanese menus. The service at Kaikaya was excellent and our super-friendly waiter spoke English.

Their website is in English and Japanese. The place gets pretty busy so I’d make reservations. (They even take reservations in English, which is rare for anywhere in Japan.)


Sashimi platter. Yum!


Fried shrimp.


I can’t remember what this was but it was tasty.


This was tuna “spareribs” (マグロのかまのスペアリブ) and it was kind of weird but meaty and delicious.


Green tea cake.


 If you open the window in the bathroom… you’re a mermaid!

Kaikaya has an English map on their website here. It’s very close to Shinsen station, but also easily walkable from Shibuya station.

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