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I have a bunch of posts with photos that I just never got around to posting from Japan sitting in Drafts in WordPress. I’m going to try to finish posting them since some of them have been around for almost a YEAR. A YEAR! Writing all these words and captions is hard, yo.

Today’s post is about an Okinawan restaurant that was in our Hatagaya neighbourhood. It’s called Ryukyu Sakaba and it’s adorable. Okinawan food is kind of trendy in Tokyo and you can find lots of Okinawan restaurants. Which is good, because OKINAWAN FOOD IS AWESOME.

There is an Okinawan restaurant here in Toronto but I found it tragically disappointing so let’s not talk about it anymore.

NOTE: If you don’t remember what umibudo or awamori are, you can read my entry about Okinawan food here.


Look how cute the interior is! Very island-y. AND! They had Okinawan music playing for an extra tropical feel. If I’m in an Okinawan restaurant, there better be two things: 1) Orion beer and 2) Shima Uta playing in the background.


Bottles of awamori behind Mike.


Okayyyyy, I love that Japanese restaurants always do this. The menu included a list of top five food and drink items. This is PERFECT when you don’t know what to order. (But I guess it only works if you can read Japanese.) The number one food item is goya champuru and the number one drink item is Orion beer (of course).


Umibudo, my favourite. I don’t know why the universe kept this amazing seaweed from me for so long.


Tuna and avocado wrapped in one of my other favourite things — yuba! Yuba is tofu skin and I almost never see it in Canada but I don’t know why because it’s sooooooo good.


This was mozuku tempura. Mozuku is a kind of seaweed that’s popular in Okinawa.


Mike’s favourite: goya champuru.




Goya pizza. I don’t know why.


If you’re ever in Hatagaya and looking for some Okinawan food, check out Ryuku Sakaba. I’ll just keep waiting for a real Okinawan restaurant to open in Toronto, and for Ontario to allow the import of Orion beer. Sigh.


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