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Oh, Tokyo. Even though I love Seoul, I miss you when I’m gone. It’s weird to miss a place that isn’t your home, and it’s weird to be comforted by a language you don’t really know. But I do and I am.

Here’s a mostly random collection of Tokyo photos from right after we returned from Seoul.


Marc by Marc Jacobs is very popular in Japan. I see a lot of girls with MBMJ bags, which is good, because half my wardrobe is MBMJ so I fit right in. I like to wander around the Harajuku store, but I never buy anything because it’s much pricier in Japan.


Lucky for me, they were giving out free Marc by Marc Jacobs Harajuku slap bracelets! Yatta!


Yoyogi Park, the perfect place to hang out on a sunny day.


With a jar of cheap sake, of course.


Corn ramen! I love that everything in Japan has corn in it. (No really, I do. I love corn.)


One of my favourite places in our Hatagaya neighbourhood is Cona, a cheap yet awesome pizza place. All of the pizzas are only ¥500 ($5) and they’re actually delicious. They’re all made in a real wood-fired oven! Most of the bottles of wine are ¥2000 ($20), and you can go into the wine cellar and pick whichever bottle you want, which is fun.


This is my favourite pizza on the Cona menu — potato and tarako pizza. I don’t normally even like pizza very much but this one is so good, ESPECIALLY for the price of a mere ¥500. For the price of ONE Pizza-La or Pizza Hut pizza, you could get at least FIVE of these and be infinitely happier. (Delivery pizza is bizarrely expensive in Japan.)


Random Japanese-Chinese lunch in Shimokita.


Hey, it’s DisneySea! I know I went back in December, but it was cold then so I wanted to go again.


Spring Shellie Mae. (See my last entry regarding Duffy insanity.)


DisneySea and its collection popcorn flavours. The curry is my favourite.


Curry popcorn!


Another Mickey Mouse Manhattan.


This year is the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland, so it’s “The Happiness Year” (whatever that means) and there’s lots of events and parades and all that kind of stuff that Disney does. You can read all about the events here if you’re so inclined.


I watched this show on tv about strange Japanese fruits, and one of them was this — a ピーチパイン or a “peach pineapple.” So of course I had to buy one when I saw it in a Ginza department store. It’s much smaller than a regular pineapple, and sort of pink-coloured. It was tasty — sweeter than a regular pineapple, but still probably not worth its ¥780 ($8) price tag.


Another department store food find: Yuzu Sco, a yuzu hot sauce.




I love love love love love love yuba (tofu skin). If it’s on a menu, I will order it.


I like my shabu-shabu with lots of mushrooms.


Random gyoza.


Karaoke, always.


It’s surprisingly inexpensive to spend all night in karaoke box, maybe $50 for two people in Tokyo. (In Osaka it was even cheaper — about $25 for two people until 5am!) But I’ll warn you, Shinjuku looks kind of scary at 5am. Not dangerous scary, more like weird scary. Just a lot of garbage, rumpled-looking girls, and passed-out salarymen.


It’s eerie to see the area around Shinjuku Station almost completely devoid of people.


Okinawa fest at Yoyogi Park!


The lineups for food were insane, so we gave up on our quest for goya champuru.


Mike had a hot dog instead.


Another day, another picnic.

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