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Everyone knows that Asia has the best airports and the best airlines. Seoul’s Incheon Airport (ICN) is one of my favourite airports, and it’s consistently rated as one of the best airports in the world.  I mean, how many airports have a indoor ice skating rink, a golf course, a spa, a casino, and a museum of culture? They even give you the option to download the sports app using this page so you don’t get bored while waiting.

It also has a Hello Kitty cafe. But more on that later.

I wrote about the swanky but boring  ICN Asiana lounge in this entry. But if you don’t want to eat mediocre lounge food, there are better options. This is one of the world’s greatest airports, remember? There are two food courts across from each other in the post-security area. We picked Food Capital because… I don’t know why. But the ordering system is kind of cool — you decide what you want and order before you even get upstairs to the food court, so your order is ready when you sit down.


Okay, maybe this isn’t one of the better options I mentioned. But Mike really likes hot dogs.


Bibimbap for me! I like to slather mine with as much gochujang sauce as possible, but I’ve spared you a photo of that.


 After eating, I left Mike to read the internet and I went off in search of the Hello Kitty Cafe. And I found it!


 I know I went to the Hello Kitty cafe in Hongdae, but how awesome is it that there’s one IN AN AIRPORT?


 Waiting for our plane. Can I use this time to say how much I love Asiana Airlines? I know they’ve had some bad publicity with the recent crash of flight 214 in San Francisco, but they are a really amazing airline and I love flying with them. LOVE YOU, ASIANA.


 You know what else I love? Flying on 747s.


 One of the reasons Asiana is the best: you get a meal (an actual meal) on an hour-long economy flight. With real cutlery! And this is a better meal than most of the business class meals I’ve had on domestic and transborder United flights.


 REAL CUTLERY. Made of metal!


 I watched Les Miserables for the 7th time.

In almost no time, we were landing at NRT and headed back to Tokyo via the Narita Express. (On a related note, does anyone else have a million Suica cards because they get the NEX + Suica package every time they go through Narita?)

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