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After using Airbnb for months with much success in Japan (read all about that HERE), it was the obvious choice for our week in Seoul. Hotels in Seoul aren’t terribly expensive (compared to say, Tokyo) so using Airbnb made it even cheaper. We paid about $70/night for a cute apartment in¬†Dongdaemun. One of the things I like about Airbnb (vs a hotel) is that you sort of get to live like a local for a while.


The apartment was Asia-style small, but still larger than most hotel rooms.


A weird thing: the shower was on the wall of the bathroom, so you just stand in the bathroom and shower. (There wasn’t a separate shower stall or anything.) Having a bathroom you can hose down is normal in Asia, but I’d never seen a shower like this before.


Also weird: the door was made by LG (the electronics company).


Small table and small tv on which to watch Korean MTV.


It’s so nice to have a kitchen and a washing machine when travelling!


The view from the window.


Ondol, the Korean under floor heating system.


Dongdaemun is a great area to stay: full of shopping areas, food, and easy subway access.




Would I recommend using Airbnb in Seoul? YES. There are tons of places available, for much less than hotels. I didn’t want to stay in Gangnam, but this place¬†looks pretty awesome, and is only $107 a night! And this place in Insadong is cute and only $60 a night! And if you want to splurge (or have a large group), this traditional Korean house looks fun.

EDIT: Sorry, but I wrote this post in 2013 so the links no longer work. But I’m sure there are a zillion amazing places in Seoul by now.

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  • Leah Park says:

    Nice commets & pics! :^)

    I mean to say, LG is not only electronics company.
    Electronics by LG which are world-famous just represent the company.
    LG has a lot of affiliate (kinda small campany) like as ‘LG Electronics’ ‘LG Chemistry’ ‘LG Uplus (telecommunication)’ ‘LG Hausys(building materials)’ …
    So, it doesn’t need to be weird to produce that things in LG company. ^^

  • Ethan says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I really like this post, it’s nice to hear good things about airbnb in Seoul. Do you happen to know what the $107 apartment in Gangnam you liked was titled? The link only goes to a general search.
    Thanks! :)

  • michelle says:

    Hi Melissa
    What is d name of this apt?
    I will be going Seoul soon. Do airnb charge vat besides d service charge?

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