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Here’s just some more random photos from Seoul. Mostly of food and makeup, because 99% of my income goes towards those two items. I can never get over how cheap yet amazing the food and makeup (and EVERYTHING) is in South Korea.


 Korean alcohol is basically cheaper than water. The makgeolli (a tasty Korean rice wine) in the first picture is only 1300 won, which is about $1.15 CAD. The soju (kind of similar to vodka, but less alcoholic) in this photo is 2000 won, which is about $1.80 CAD.


 Also: giant Asahi beer!


 Some kind of meal we bought at the grocery store. I don’t remember what it was but it was extremely cheap.


Korean cosmetics. Sheet masks and nail polish and face wipes, oh my. They sell Korean brands like Etude House and Skinfood in Japan, but they cost way more. Korean cosmetics are often awesome, but a big part of the awesome comes from the price to quality ratio. You can find their shops all over Seoul, but head to Myeongdong for the highest concentration of makeup stores.


If you stop at an Innisfree store, I recommend the Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask!


Couldn’t resist this adorable lip balm stick from the Korean brand Too Cool for School. It’s green but goes on pink.


Nail polish is also super inexpensive in Korea. These were maybe a dollar or two. Yay, sparkles!


*insert Gangnam Style joke here*


Wandering around Gangnam.


A weird CNN cafe. Mike went in and tried to buy a CNN mug but they wouldn’t sell him one.


Scary Luigi! Run!


Just looking at this photo makes me feel angry. This meal was delicious and only cost around $6 CAD. $6!!


$6!!!!!!!!!!!! FML.


Psy’s “Gentleman” had only come out a few weeks before we were in Seoul and I heard it a million times.


 Go to Daerim station if you want to eat garlic chicken. Read more about it here.


Garlic chicken, maneul tongdak in Korean. Somehow sweet and delicious with none of the garlic burn.


It came with some kind of egg custard. The meal (enough food for two people) was about $15 with two beers.


Mike somehow learned enough Korean to ORDER FOOD OVER THE PHONE. Notice that soups all cost 5500 won, or $5 CAD.


So, for a grand total of $10, these giant cold soups (naengmyeon and kongguksu) were delivered to our door in about TEN MINUTES. They came in REAL BOWLS, with REAL CUTLERY, and all the normal banchan (side dishes) like you’d get in a restaurant. After you’re done eating, you put the bowls outside your door and the restaurant picks them up. Seriously, how great is that?


If ordering food is too hard, you can always go to fast food chain Lotteria and get this “Hanwoo Couple Pack” for 11,500 won ($10 CAD). It comes with a manly bulgogi burger, a shrimp burger (pink for the ladies), fries, mozzarella cheese sticks, and two drinks.


More cheap food: we went to this mandu (dumpling) restaurant near our place a couple times.


Each dish was about $3, and the two of us would share three or four of them. It was a ton of food and often UNDER $10 TOTAL.


Street food is always cheap. I mentioned in another post that I’m obsessed with hotteok. They cost about $0.80.


Random Korean purchases! $1 socks and a cute shirt that cost maybe $12. I love you, Seoul.

In conclusion: while I don’t find Japan expensive, in Seoul things are practically free. If you want to eat good food for almost nothing, head to South Korea and you will be very happy.

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  • Ezra says:

    Where is the 6$ meal located? I’m off to Korea and looking for cheap food

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