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Before  I get into my Hiroshima posts, I thought I’d post about the Lotteria Ramen Burger. We tried it a couple days after it came out and it’s still available (for a limited time) in Japan. It’s basically exactly what it sounds like — a burger with ramen on it! The burger is made in conjunction with the famous Shinjuku ramen shop Menya Musashi.


The Menya Musashi x Lotteria wrapper.


It’s ramen… on a burger! If this isn’t enough noodles for you, could order ten extra servings.


Along with the noodles, the burger has the chashu part of the ramen and some kind of sauce. No other toppings, though.


The ramen burger also comes with a cup of broth. I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do with it, so Mike just drank his.

While I wouldn’t go back for another one (my Japanese fast food consumption is generally limited to shrimp burgers), the Lotteria ramen burger was pretty tasty. Just another weird only-in-Japan thing! But I guess it’s not all that different from the yakisoba pan they sell here — it’s all noodles on a bun.


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