the lolita story: part four

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Yes, this is the fourth and FINAL Lolita story post! If you don’t know what’s going on, here’s part one, part two, and part three. Basically, I won a contest and ended up hanging out with Misako Aoki and dressing like a Japanese Lolita for a day.

After a day of shopping in Harajuku, we were taken to an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant. As you’d expect (this is Japan, after all), no one takes themes lightly. This place was like someone ate an entire box of Alice in Wonderland books and barfed them all up in a Tokyo restaurant. The perfect place for Lolitas, right?


 Heading down the rabbit hole.


 Tired Lolitas.


They’d booked the entire restaurant just for us so the place was empty.


Alice-themed chopsticks and coasters.


Curiouser and curiouser?


Alice decorations everywhere.


I thought using the book was a cool touch. (But why the disco ball?)


And then started the parade of food. This wasn’t actually that long since we’d been stuffed with crepes so none of us were hungry.


At least it was cute food.


Heart-shaped waffle!




Ughhhhhhhhhhh, so much food. Misako, Mike, and I kind of picked at it all as much we could but there were so many dishes. “Ganbatte! (Do your best)” Misako said cheerfully as Mike tried to fit another forkful of animal-face pasta in his mouth.


 LUCKILY, the photographers were hungry and happily ate our leftovers. Mottainai and all.


More weird decorations.


After we finished attempting to eat, Misako gave me some presents! I was touched! She’d made a cellphone strap at Kiddyland that had my name on it with some Hello Kitty charms. And she gave me a photo album full of Polaroids from the day, complete with little comments written on all the photos by everyone. How they had time to make it during the day, I have no idea. Wahhh, so nice.


ありがとうございました 美沙子ちゃん!ありがとうございました観光庁!


 Back at the hotel, ¥100,000 later.


 Modelling my unicorn skirt and the Hello Kitty pillow I got at Kiddyland.


I got this photo from Keiko (thanks Keiko!). All of the contest winners who were still around at the hotel the next morning had some photo time in the lobby. I still miss Keiko — she was one of the genuinely nicest people I’ve ever met.

So that’s the end of my Lolita story! It was definitely the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me, but it ended up being almost bizarrely enjoyable and I met a lot of incredible people. There was so much detail that went into this experience, and it was just an amazing day from start to finish. I also feel a bit less like an alien tourist every time I go to Harajuku now that I’ve dipped my bow-covered toes into the world of Lolita. It was fun to be someone else for a day, someone cuter and more Japanese than me. I have the dress that I wore that day, so if I ever feel the Lolita life calling to me, I can put on the dress, get myself some candy, and wander around Harajuku. (No plans to do any of that. Ever.)

A big thank you to Keiko, to the Japan Tourism Agency, to Misako Aoki, to Mayumi, to Maison de Julietta, and to everyone else who was involved. Oh, and thanks to Japan for just… being Japan.


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