kushikatsu train

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I wrote about the Osaka kushikatsu institution Daruma in my entry about Shinsekai. If you’re going to go to Daruma (and you should!), I recommend the Shinksekai location for the old-school feel, but if you think the experience would be improved by automated trains bringing you your food, you’re in luck. Last month, a new outpost of Daruma opened in Shinsaibashi, and this one has kaitenzushi-like trains to deliver fried goodness to your table. It’s kind of unique — I’ve never seen restaurants other than sushi restaurants use the train system.


You order via touch screen, and there’s even an English menu!


A train pulls up to your table with your order.


Delicious kushikatsu arrives! Remember not to dip it in the sauce more than once. (It’s the cardinal rule of kushikatsu.)


Sticks go in here.


If you want to go to the Shinsaibashi location of Daruma, the address can be found on their website. It’s very close to Dotonobori.


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