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I couldn’t leave Osaka without eating at the iconic Kani Doraku. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen the giant mechanical crab sign before. It’s probably the most well-known restaurant in Osaka. It’s actually a chain — you can find smaller versions of the crab all over Japan. But the one in Osaka is the original. (Even Anthony Bourdain stopped by for some crab legs on the Osaka episode of No Reservations!) The restaurant specializes in all-crab kaiseki meals which, even though this place is kinda touristy, I AM TOTALLY INTO. I love love love crab. I love it even more than I love lobster (which is also a lot).


The dinner set meals range from around ¥4800 to ¥8000 (approx. $50-$80 CAD). We both got the ¥7000 set.


We started with crab sake. It had actual crab (toasted crab shells) in it! Sounds gross, but I love in crab in everything.


CRAB HEAVEN. Every dish included crab in some way.


My favourite was the raw crab. So sweet!


The crab fest continued with crab claws.


Tempura crab and his vegetable friends.


Grilled crab.


Crab sushi!


And the final dish, crab soup.


Unfortunately (for me), the dessert did not contain any crab.


I thanked the crabs in the tank downstairs before I left. Thanks crabs, for giving up your siblings for my tasty dinner!

So yes, Kani Doraku is a chain and it’s touristy, but you still get a delicious crab meal and I’d totally do it again. If you don’t feel like shelling (ha ha) out that much yen for some crab (or you don’t love crab like I do), they also have more reasonably-priced lunch set meals. CRAB CRAB CRAB.

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