flying peach, part 2

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As a follow up to my entry about flying on Peach from Osaka to Okinawa, I figured I’d post about the flight back. Only because it was kind of hilarious. Well, hilarious if you’re slightly snobby like me.

Unlike at KIX, Peach has almost zero facilities at the Okinawa airport. You get shuttled out to what is essentially a makeshift waiting area in a sort of converted airplane hanger. There are some vending machines and some plastic lawn furniture.


When we got to the so-called check in area (about 1.5 hours before the flight), there was no one there yet. The kiosks were not operational, either. But we had nowhere to go, so it didn’t really matter anyway.


No one around!


I think the plastic lawn furniture really adds a rustic charm.


Mike tries to work (there’s no wifi or outlets, of course).


After some Peach employees showed up and turned on the kiosks, we could finally check in and go through security. This was the waiting area by the gate, which was a little nicer. I mean, foil pipes aside, there’s actual chairs instead of plastic lawn furniture. There was even a tiny store where you could buy onigiri, drinks, and your last minute Okinawa omiyage (souvenirs)!


The “gate.”


Boarding from the tarmac again.


In the first entry, I don’t think I showed you how squishy the seats are. ¬†Again, it’s not that bad for me, but Mike’s knees actually touch the seat in front of him because he’s much taller than me.


Do not fly this airline if you are much larger than the average Asian person.


Deplaning back at KIX in Osaka!

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