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Although I love riding trains, airplanes are my one true love. So I was happy to be in Osaka because that meant I could try out Peach, Japan’s cutest and pinkest LCC (low cost carrier). Normally, I’m not so much a fan of LCCs and go out of my way to avoid them, mostly due to my undying loyalty to Star Alliance. But! Peach planes are so adorable and the flight was so cheap (¥2500 each way), I couldn’t resist. Annnnnnnnd, if you’re an airplane nerd, you know the appeal of just trying out a new airline.


Peach flies out of Terminal 2 at KIX (Kansai International Airport), which is weird because T2 is “100% LCC”… but there are no other LCCs. So Peach is the ONLY airline in T2. Every other airline at the airport flies out of T1. The terminal is shiny and new, but empty. Wikipedia sums it up nicely: “Terminal 2 is a low-cost carrier (LCC) terminal designed to attract more LCCs by providing lower landing fees than terminal 1. Similar to Singapore’s Changi International Airport’s low cost terminal, the terminal is basic and currently serves only Japan’s Peach Air. Currently this terminal is not directly accessible by train. A free shuttle bus transports passengers from Kansai International Airport’s train station to Terminal 2.”


But the gate area is pretty nice! Lots of comfy seating and windows. There’s also a large store, a restaurant, and a smoking area. ALSO. If you didn’t know this, you’ll be amazed like I was: there’s no liquid restriction on flying domestically within Japan! You can actually bring a bottle of water or your shampoo or some wine through security. It brings a tear of nostalgia to my eye.


The world’s cheapest boarding pass? Printed on receipt paper. Sad trombone.


YES. I love boarding on the tarmac. It’s always windy and you feel very dramatic.


Also yes: pink planes.


How cool is this guy?


Our plane had a name and the name was Peach Dream.


Pink everywhere!


This is where you should sit if you fly Peach, because I’ll warn you now, it’s pretty squishy. I might be spoiled because I often fly biz class, but the seats are definitely closer together than economy on your average A320 on a North American airline. It’s fine for an plane full of Japanese people, but Mike’s knees were squashed against the seat in front of him. Bring a book, because it’s almost impossible to use your laptop due to space constraints, and there’s no in-flight entertainment at all. Well, it was only ¥2500!


Some of the food for sale.


Peach likes peach drinks and apparently the crew likes sake. Plus, alcohol will make you forget that you can’t move your legs.


I love when airlines sell merch. Especially when it’s cute.


Peach snack.


I ordered a bento because I like to try out plane food. Not as good as say, the ssambab on Asiana, but decent.


I got this Peach bear so that he can be friends with my Lufthansa bear. I think Lufthansa bear might be too snobby though.


Landing in Okinawa — it was a short flight, just over two hours.


Still landing…


Landed! As soon we stepped off the plane (again in dramatic tarmac-style), the Japanese people yelled “atsui!” (“it’s hot!). It was nice to go from 5°C weather in Osaka to 22°C weather in Naha. Especially when the temperature is below zero in Toronto.

So that was Peach. Would I fly Peach again? Probably not, but only because I’ve worn out the novelty of a new airline and I’d rather stick with Star Alliance for the points. But should you fly Peach? Yes! Especially if you want to save some money or if you like pink.

If you want to read about the flight back, there’s an entry about that here.

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