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This post is about some awesome things I’ve bought recently at the ¥100 shop (hyaku en shoppu), or dollar store. 100 yen stores in Japan are way better than North American dollar stores — you can buy everything, from food to clothes to fake eyelashes to iPhone cases (as seen above)! Daiso is probably the biggest 100 yen chain but there’s lots of them. They’re a great place to pick up almost anything inexpensively. I gave my iPhone a cute makeover for a grand total of ¥500 (about $5). The case was ¥100, the polka-dot cover sticker thing was ¥100, the earphone plug was ¥100 and the Hatsune Miku charm was ¥200 from a UFO catcher.


Seriously, this iPhone case is super cute. AND IT WAS ONLY ONE DOLLAR!


The earphone plug that allows you to attach charms to your phone: also ¥100. Actually, it was two for ¥100.


Other ¥100 finds: pretty hair scrunchies. I have not worn hair scrunchies since the fifth grade or so, but they’re popular here.


Hello Kitty bandaids. ¥100! Why not?


Makeup wipes. The pink ones are from Daiso. Are they the best makeup wipes? No. Are they decent for ¥100? Yes!


The sheet mask obsession continues even at the ¥100 shop.


This charcoal face mask from Daiso is highly rated on the internet, and hey, it’s only a dollar. It’s this black sludge that basically turns into a Biore strip, ripping everything out of your pores. It works, but it’s kind of painful (just like Biore strips).


Pink heart folders that I use for my Japanese homework. Three for ¥100!


 And I do love lunch…


Slippers are a Japanese necessity, and Mike has gotten a lot of use out of these for ¥100.

Other good ¥100 store purchases I’ve made but aren’t pictured:

  • fuzzy earmuffs (the pair I brought with me to Japan broke and these ¥100 ones were almost the same)
  • a bath mat with bears all over it
  • food: snacks, tubes of karashi mustard and shiso paste, curry
  • waterproof pocket thing you put your iPhone in so you can use it in the bathtub
  • pocket warmers
  • kitchen stuff, including adorable pink chopsticks

There are also ¥300 yen shops (for example, 3 Coins), which are like fancy dollar stores. They have a lot of really cute home stuff — dishes and other housewares. (Frilly plastic gloves! Pretty teapot! Legwarmers!) These and the ¥100 shops are a great place to stock up on basics, especially since Tokyo can be expensive. And if you’re ever in Japan, the ¥100 store would also be a good place to pick up souvenirs — there’s lots of wacky Japanese stuff and candy. I love the ¥100 store!

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  • lyntan says:

    I love 100 yen shop

  • misterpiggy says:

    Misterpiggy is in Osaka right now searching for 100 yen stores and came across your awesome blog. Hope you are having a great time in Japan!

  • nancy says:

    Hey, I came across your blog when doing a search about a food court in Beijing. I’ve really enjoyed reading your travel posts. I’m a fellow Canadian and went to Japan for a trip a couple of years ago and can’t wait to go back. But since I can’t yet, living vicariously through your blog will have to do. Love the posts about the cosmetics and yen store deals. BTW, did you know there’s Daiso in Vancouver? When I got back from Japan and went to Daiso, I kind of wondered why I bothered to lug back souvenirs for anyone since I could have bought it all at Daiso at home.

    • melissa says:

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for the compliments! I did know there’s a Daiso in Vancouver, although I haven’t been. I have been to the Daiso in San Francisco though (and I was super excited to find it). That’s a good point about the souvenirs though — don’t buy them at Daiso if you live on the west coast! We don’t have a Daiso in Toronto, but I wish we did…

      Hope you have a good time in Beijing — I loved it!


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