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In an attempt to be more timely with my blog entries, here’s a short post about my lunch. Today (Yes, today! How’s that for timely?) Mike and I went to Ivan Ramen for lunch. Ivan Ramen is interesting because it’s run by a non-Japanese guy, which is very rare for a ramen shop. But the Ivan of Ivan Ramen is quite famous now, and he’s opening up a ramen restaurant in New York this year.

Ivan Ramen is about a two minute walk from Roka-koen Station in Setagaya. We’re currently staying in Setagaya so it was an easy couple stops away on the Keio line. It would probably be about 25 minutes from Shinjuku Station (only the local train stops at Roka-koen).

Like a lot of ramen shops, you order your ramen from a vending machine (above) and then hand your ticket to the chef. Unlike most ramen shops, this vending machine had English!


I’m a big fan of tsukemen (dipping noodles) so I ordered the goma (sesame) chili tsukemen with hanjuku tamago (soft boiled eggs). The goma chili dipping sauce was super delicious and not really spicy.


LOOK AT THIS EGG. Seriously.


Mike had the shio ramen with everything. The broth was quite tasty but I liked my tsukemen better!

Here’s the address for Ivan Ramen:


3-24-7 Minamikarasuyama
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 157-0062

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