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Everyone has been asking what the place I’m staying at in Japan looks like. So here’s the entry about that! We have another (slightly larger) place lined up after this, but here’s where we are for now. It’s super tiny, but very efficient!

I kind of miss my 800 sq ft King West condo in Toronto, and my dishwasher, and my clothes dryer, and my two bathrooms, but then again, it’s kind of nice that things are so simple here.

The apartment is on the second floor, so above is the view looking down from the top of the stairs.


Here’s the genkan, or entryway where you take off your shoes.


The cupboard is just for shoes.


Tiny kitchen!


I don’t know what you call this two burner gas stove thing.


But it includes a grill, which is pretty cool.


Important condiments.


Inside the fridge.


Momo no tennensui (my favourite peach drink), Cocktail Partner (fruity alcoholic thing), and some shokupan (Japanese white bread that somehow tastes a million times better than regular white bread).IMG_2876

The toilet room — in most Japanese homes, the toilet and the shower/bath are in separate rooms.


The laundry room.


The shower/bath room.


Mike doing some work on the bed.


This is the rest of the bedroom.


The closet is actually huge and I can fit inside of it.


The view from one of the bedroom windows.


And the view from the other bedroom window. Peaceful Japanese street!

Right now we’re in Nerima, which is one of the wards of Tokyo. It’s quiet compared to central Tokyo but it’s nice. I haven’t seen any (other) foreigners here and I like that we get more of a “real” Japanese experience this way. According to Wikipedia, “Nerima is the birthplace of anime in Japan. A large number of anime production studios are also located in Nerima, such as Toei Animation, Studio Gallop, Mushi Production and AIC. Ranma ½, Doraemon, Digimon Adventure, Urusei Yatsura, and Nerima Daikon Brothers take place in Nerima. Other works such as Astro Boy and Candy Candy were also produced here.” When I was watching Ranma ½ in high school, it would have EXPLODED MY BRAIN to know that I’d be living in Nerima some day.

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  • holly says:

    Oh my word! It explodes my brain a little now that you are in Nerima. I always hold a special place in my heart for Ranma 1/2! I love this blog Melissa!

    • Haxii says:

      What is Chinese Navy using for fuel these days? Deep fryer grease from McDonald’s?The Captain and Chief Engineer of that Frigate soulhd be ashamed. If a US Navy captain had his ship filmed with making smoke like that he would probably be relived of command.

  • casey says:

    Glad to see, you are settling in nicely. Your place looks nice! You introduced me to Ranma 1/2!

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