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2012-07-12 21.24.59

A million years ago, sometime during the summer, Mike and I went to NYC for the weekend. It, like most of our trips, had no specific purpose. (Unless eating and drinking counts as a purpose.)

I don’t usually include a lot of hotel photos but am this time just because the hotel we stayed at (the Conrad) was weirdly nice. Especially for what I paid to stay there (zero dollars, thanks Hilton HHonors points!). I’ve stayed at some pretty nice hotels in NYC (The Bryant Park Hotel is probably my favourite) so I was surprised — even though Mike and I both have status with Hilton, I don’t really like staying at their hotels. But I do always like it when hotels include my name on the in-room tvs.

Just a note: all the photos in this entry were taken with my iPhone 4.

2012-07-12 21.15.40

The room had a sitting area with a couch, desk, and tv, and a separate bedroom area. The decor was vaguely Asian, with lots of wood and sliding doors. In between the two areas was a wet bar, with a Nespresso machine, and a sink.

2012-07-12 21.15.58

Also kind of Asian: having individual rooms for the toilet and the shower!

2012-07-12 21.17.43

An insanely massive shower that could probably fit an entire family. An entire, weird family.

2012-07-12 21.17.51

The bed area

2012-07-12 21.25.12

The view from the window

2012-07-12 21.25.24

Mike doing some laptop-ing in the sitting area.

2012-07-13 10.18.39

I didn’t mention the best part of this hotel. THERE IS A SHAKE SHACK ATTACHED TO IT.

2012-07-13 12.00.30

We ate at Momofuku, which I guess is no longer interesting, since there’s now a Momofuku in Toronto.

2012-07-13 12.07.23

Blah blah blah, Momofuku ramen.

2012-07-14 16.30.00

Random meal of pintxos — unlike Momofuku ramen, they’re something you still can’t get in Toronto.

2012-07-13 18.43.48

Also to file under “things we don’t have in Toronto:” YAKITORI! Fun, delicious, and cheap.

2012-07-13 20.08.58

Because we were in St. Mark’s Place already, we went to Decibel, a Japanese bar.

2012-07-14 21.08.04

More fun in St. Mark’s Place: Japadog! I know it’s a Vancouver import, but hey, Japanese hot dogs.

2012-07-14 21.42.03

Japanese curry is one of my favourite foods. And it’s even better if you put cheese on top of it.

2012-07-14 21.42.40

And that’s it! Just a small entry of hotel and food pictures. We actually ate almost all of our meals either in the St. Mark’s area (it’s a Japanese food wonderland) or at Shake Shack. I’ve had lots of trips to NYC where I mostly ate in fancy restaurants, but I love cheap yakitori and beer just as much as I love Michelin stars.


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