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In preparation for my upcoming six month trip to Japan, I’ve changed my blog around a little bit. First of all, I’ve changed the title — it’s now called MELISSA DREAMS OF SUSHI*. Because you know, I do. Delicious fluffy tamago and pieces of silky buttery toro haunt my dreams. Which is mostly why I’m going to Japan in the first place.

* I also shamelessly stole this from the Jiro movie.

I changed the URL to match the new name — no one can remember my name anyway so this will probably work better. But if you’re one of my relatives, or you’re just too lazy to update your bookmarks, will still get you to this blog.

Mike helped me poke around at the layout a bit (thanks Mike!) but it’s mostly the same. The photos are larger, since even though I am no photographer, all I mostly seem to do is post photos. So if you have some kind of super old computer with a microscopic screen, I’m sorry. (Just a suggestion — now would be a good time to get a new computer.)

I only have ONE DAY LEFT before I leave for Tokyo, and I have so many things I want to write entries about, like how to pack for six months (something I am still trying to figure out), how to leave the country for six months (insurance woes, what to do with your mail, and other related things), how to find long-term accommodations (Airbnb is my friend), and how much deodorant you should bring to Japan (lots, apparently).

I’ve been so busy with moving (we moved out of our condo and are now technically homeless) and trip-related stuff that I haven’t had time to write about this stuff before I leave but I do have an upcoming 13-hour flight which gives me lots of time for writing.

Speaking of my 13-hour flight, special thanks to Air Canada for clearing some R space so that my upgrade would go through. I mean, I’m happy to be on any plane, in any class, going anywhere, but of course I’d prefer to be in a lie-flat pod rather than an economy seat. (Who wouldn’t?)



It seems so surreal that I’m actually leaving the country for six months. Six months isn’t that long, but right now it stretches way out before me and I’m excited. Tired (from moving), but excited! I probably should have worked harder on my Japanese and I probably should have put more effort into packing and I probably should have done a lot of things but JAPAN HERE I COME.


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